Why Alex Karev, Meredith Grey & Cristina Yang Are The Trio We All Want To Be!

Alex, Christina, and Merideth have been through thick and thin and highs and lows, but they have always been there for one another. Let’s talk about some of the moments where their love for one another shines through!

Alex Karev, Christina Yang, and Merideth Grey have a bond like no other. Their friendships are honest, reliable, genuine, and caring. We could go on for hours talking about how lovely their friendship is given they have had goofy, intense, and serious moments that will last a lifetime. 

Some of the best moments between best friends are when your significant other know that best friend time always comes first when needed. There have been plenty of times when this has happened with these ultimate besties. The most prominent times were when they would kick their significant other out of bed, or simply just hop into bed with them. In season 7 episode 3, Cristina walks into Meredith’s room upset about Owen so she gets in bed with the couple, and Derek doesn’t realize until the next morning when he wakes up and doesn’t even say much about it! Another time where something like this occurred was when Merideth kicked Jo out of bed because she needed to talk to Alex. She says to Jo, “Wilson get out of bed, I can’t get into bed with you in there”, or even in Season 11 episode 3 when Merideth is in the bathroom talking to Alex about her “crisis” while he is taking a shower. Their friendship is so platonic that you can tell that they really just are each other’s person without anything being romantic. 

The trio has funny, comedic moments where you can see the interactions are extremely genuine. From the little goofy conversations they have beginning as interns, to becoming attendings and being the big bosses. Seeing and making fun of each other when they flirt with someone, name-calling during Thanksgiving dinners in the hospital together, and many many more. You can tell how proud they are of one another when something good happens in their lives. They have their own unique ways of showing love to each other which makes it that much more special. 

They are truly all best friends. I mean, yes they do spend every waking moment together being surgeons and all, but their friendship became so true that they even all lived together at one point! An example that proves their friendship is so strong is when Izzy leaves Karev, who is normally not one to be emotional, he trusted Cristina and Merideth enough to go to them for comfort. They truly became a family.

At the end of the day, there were moments where all of the characters were able to rely on each other, but nothing can compare to the bond these three have; separately in pairs, or even altogether as a trio. They are each other’s person, their friendships are the type where you can joke with each other because you accept them with their quirks and all. Everyone craves a friendship like the one these three have.

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