Whose Your Celebrity Twin Based on Your Favorite Halloween Candy!

One of our favorite parts of Halloween is all the candy! Scroll down to find out who your celebrity twin is by having the same favorite Halloween treat, and what that says about you.

There is only one thing you should be saying this Monday and that’s “trick-or-treat” because the only way to top off spooky season is by eating all the candy you can until you’re sick to your stomach! As you will be munching down on your favorite snack, so will your fellow celebrities. See below to check out which celebrity you’re twinning with when it comes to your favorite Halloween candy and how you can relate to them!

Harry Styles – Twix


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About ten years ago when Styles was a part of One Direction, the heartthrob took to Twitter, “I don’t know about anyone else…but since the Twix advert, I have to bite both bits…so one doesn’t get lonely”. Ever since that Styles has always loved the caramel, chocolate, and shortbread combination. If you happen to love Twix then Harry happens to be your celebrity twin this spooky season!

When it comes to being a Twix you have an extroverted and introverted side to you. Like Styles, you love everyone and want to give as much love to your peers as possible. It takes a little while for you to open up to people, just as it takes a while for all of the layers of a Twix bar to be revealed. You tend to be a caring individual, give insightful advice, and go to great lengths to ensure that people close to you are happy.

Camila Cabello – Kit Kat


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In 2018, Cabello came to Twitter to let her fans know that she was being a steampunk for Halloween and to give her all the Kit Kats in the world! When it comes to Kit Kats being your favorite candy you and Cabello are the super laid-back type. By being laid back you tend to have the skill of being exceptionally observant of your environment and are able to notice subtle changes in social situations.

When picking the chocolate-covered wafer bar as your go-to candy, you happen to be an organized individual. Although this may not be everyone’s go to snack, keep up the neatness because without having your tastebuds, our world would continue to be a mess!

Kevin Durant – Candy Corn


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Candy corn has always been labeled a Halloween staple when it comes to candy. If you choose this as your favorite candy, don’t worry because so does Brooklyn Nets NBA player Kevin Durant. When it comes to loving this combination of creamy fondant, rich marshmallow, and warm vanilla you tend to have a very polarizing figure and strong feelings towards things whether you hate them or love them there’s no in-between.

Like Durant, honesty is important to you and you have no problem with getting rid of any negativity in your life. You tend to also be athletic and will never give up on pursuing your dreams. When it comes to loving candy corn you both are extremely loyal to your family, friends, teammates, to even your coaches. Along the way, you tend to keep your inner circle tight and never forget who has helped you in life.

Zendaya – Snickers


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As the slogan always states, “you’re not you when you’re hungry”. When the Euphoria star says “always snickers,” you must listen. If you’re like Zendaya with Snickers being your go to cand,y then you most definitely have a bold personality where it is difficult for others to look the other way. Just like Snickers surprises people, you like to keep people on their toes with your unknown shenanigans and crazy nature.

When it comes to the peanut, caramel, and nougat chocolate-coated treat, you are deeply passionate about certain causes and take action to bring positive change. You have a unique ability to bring enthusiasm and positivity to any group setting.

Bruno Mars – Starbursts


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The only way Bruno Mars will go ahead and leave that door open is if you come along and bring starbursts. When it comes to these flavorful chews, you tend to be vibrant, kind, and easygoing.

By having a taste for this unexplainably juicy combination, you tend to have a way with words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. Like Mars, you tend to wear your emotions on your sleeve. You’re the caretaker of your friend group; whenever anyone has a problem, you’re the one they turn to for advice.

Mindy Kaling- Sour Patch Kids


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If you’re like Kaling and Sour Patch Kids are your go to candy this Halloween, we all know that at first, you can be a bit sour but then you can be the sweetest person on earth. In 2016, Kaling made it known that the kids were her favorite candy by replying to the Cookie Monster over on Twitter that she wouldn’t be made of cookies, but sour patch kids!

Like Sour Patch Kids you may seem a little hard to approach and cranky at first, but once people get to know you they see that you have good intentions. When it comes to this sour chew, you know how to feel seen and light up a room with your wit. You tend to have one thing in common when it comes to Kaling which happens to be you know how to make people laugh.

Neil Patrick Harris – Reeses


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The number one Halloween candy that has been at the top for years is the classic peanut butter cup. If you’re like Harris then you would have to agree with him that, “There’s nothing better, it’s like an opiate the more you eat them, the more you have to eat them – until you burst”.

When it comes to Reeses being your favorite candy, you tend to gravitate toward things that bring you comfort. Often described by others as passionate and idealistic, you always have a positive outlook on life and seek out the sunny side in people, places, and things. Like Harris, you like to be completing multiple tasks at once and are willing to put one hundred percent into anything that you accomplish. You tend to be a great singer and know how to put on a show.

Chrissy Teigen – Tootsie Rolls


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If you’re like Chrissy Teigen then you’re the type that “always liked the Tootsie Rolls”. Although these treats can be a bit nostalgic, you’re far from being old-fashioned, and many think you have a sentimental side. Like Teigen, you tend to be seen as quirky, cool, and the life of the party!

When it comes to loving a Tootsie Roll, you tend to be stylish and care a lot about providing support to friends and family. Just like Teigen you are great when it comes to being the judge whether that is in a courtroom or having a good eye for a judge of character.

Wayne Brady – Peanut M&M’s


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When it comes to Peanut M&M’s, Brady has a different tactic in enjoying this sweet treat. Brady would rather bite the candy shell and eat the nut on its own and if you see a dish with all the nuts missing, you would know that he was there. Although most M&M’s lovers may not like this option, if you haven’t tried you must do so! Every Peanut M&M stan like Brady tends to be a child at heart.

You appreciate M&M’s because they remind you that some things in life are still sugar coated, which is just comforting on so many levels. You tend to find pleasure in the small, simple things in life. Like Brady, you always come with a smile on your face and push yourself to your fullest potential.

Katie Holmes – Classic Hershey Chocolate Bar


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Holmes has always been the epitome of America’s Sweetheart. On Halloween, she is known to be snacking away and giving “full-size candy bars” to trick-or-treaters for the spooky season. Like Holmes, if you are a fan of this chocolate bar then you tend to be an old soul.

You enjoy the things that many people in today’s day and age do not. You tend to keep the spunk of the past decades alive for people to understand and appreciate all time periods. By loving this candy bar you tend to have a great ability to put thoughts into action.

Spooky season is the time to be selfish to your teeth for the night and eat all the candy you want in the world. Happy Halloween from all of us at AftterBuzz TV! Let us know @AfterBuzzTV on Twitter who your celebrity twin is and the candy you will be devouring tonight as you trick-or-treat.

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