Who’s Max and Why Are We So Dedicated to Him? – S5 E5 ‘Better Call Saul’ After Show

Things are really getting tough for Slippin’ Jimmy as we head into Better Call Saul! If you’re not up to date, catch up! This show is amazing; and we’re here every week to talk about it on the BETTER CALL SAUL After Show! How will we end up where Breaking Bad Begins?! Where’s Kim!? What is Mike going to do next? Join us weekly for predictions, discussion, analysis and guest interviews! Subscribe and comment for a shout out and make sure to stay tuned for all the news and updates on the show!

We re-convene with Mike, who we officially discover is in Mexico recovering from his wounds, thanks to his old pal Gus.  He goes on a bit of a vision quest, and is finally both visited and called out by Gus and they form a revenge bond.  Meanwhile, back at Mesa Verde, Jimmy and Kim devise a plan to help Acker save his house.  Kim “tries” to remove herself from the case under the guise of conflict of interest, but Kevin doesn’t bite, and wants her to stay in the Mesa Verde Mix.  We have an amazing montage of Saul and Mr. Acker scheming and conniving in order to delay the demolition workers from knocking down Acker’s home.  Kim thinks she has won when everyone on the team suggests to Kevin that they move to another site, but he won’t budge, and she is forced to make it “personal” with Kevin.

This Show was hosted by Ryan Nilsen, Loren Kling, and Sean McHugh

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