‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In Episode 3 of Who Killed Sara? Mariana receives a chilling reminder of what happened, and Elisa continues to search for the truth.

*Spoilers for Episode 3 Below*

Episode three opens up with a flashback of a party. Sara introduces Chema to her friend Marifer (Ela Velden), who’s into him. After dancing with her a bit, he makes his way to Alex and both agree to have a threesome with her. Alex then gives Chema a gift and the two embrace. But Chema’s a little too happy to be hugging Alex, and Sara notices.

In the present, Elisa is sitting with Alex as they drink tequila. He tells her about the suspect board, and she tries to earn his trust. After she makes a flimsy excuse of needing to “use the bathroom,” Alex checks on his software and watches Mariana and Cesar through Mariana’s phone. Elisa, who has gone upstairs, cracks the door open to Sara’s room. Alex stops her and the two return downstairs.

Meanwhile, Cesar is enjoying his time at the casino. After doing a line of cocaine, he accompanies Sergio to their “VIP” section where the prostitutes are waiting.

Back at Alex’s, house Elisa sees her parents on Alex’s computer and feigns ignorance. When she leaves, Alex invites her back, but his smile drops as soon as she’s out the door, and he watches her leave on the camera.

We’re then with Rodolfo as he and Sofia continue in their attempt to have a child. However, Rodolfo looks uncomfortable, and he’s plagued with memories of Sara the entire time.

In the past, we were back with Chema and Alex. Alex is eager to be with Marifer. On the other hand, Chema lays to the side, choosing to watch the pair. Modern-day Chema is in bed, looking at old photos of him and Alex. When Lorenzo notices Chema is awake, Chema hides his phone.

After her tense evening at Alex’s house, Elisa swipes her mom’s phone. She drops it in a vase, preventing Alex from spying.

We’re now with Alex in prison. He’s talking to another inmate and lays out his basic plan. He wants to find out where the family’s money is coming from, and he’ll need the accountant, Jorge, to help. He’s planning on taking down Cesar by destroying his reputation, and he’s going to use photos from the online cloud to do it.

On a related note, Bruno’s classmates receive a picture that’s of the Lazcano men. The word murder is written over it, prompting Bruno to be teased. He ends up physically fighting a classmate, which prompts Rodolfo to come to pick him up.

Back at Alex’s house, Alex is trying to get proof of Diana’s identity. They confirm that Rodolfo didn’t tamper with the harness and they know because they were there!! Diana proceeds to send a picture of the knife Mariana through into the lake, but won’t answer any questions. Alex then thinks about giving the knife to Chema, so we see the first scene again. Except for this time, we see the gift Alex gave Chema.

At this point, a modern Chema and Lorenzo are shopping. They run into Clara (Fatima Molina), an old family friend who is absolutely ecstatic to see Chema.

Meanwhile, Mariana receives something in the mail that absolutely shocks her: the knife. Someone anonymously sent it to her after retrieving it from the lake.

After this, we’re back with the eldest Lazcano son as he drops off Bruno with Cesar at his office. Cesar is pissed that Bruno got bruises, and he says, “the other kid should be in the hospital.” As a result, Cesar and Sergio teach Bruno to fight, which primarily consists of two grown men bullying a child.

In the same building, Elisa finds Elroy, Mariana’s old assistant. While the pair walk through the casino, he answers questions, confirming that the harness on the parachute had been tampered with. We also see a flashback of Elroy on the boat, telling Rodolfo and Chema that they can’t use the parachute first. But Elroy refuses to ask any more questions or elaborate.

Then Chema and Alex finally reunite in an intense car chase that’s interrupted with flashbacks of the threesome. The threesome ends when Chema attempts to be intimate with Alex. The car chase simultaneously ends when Alex catches up. He demands the tapes from that trip, and Chema understands.

We then see the footage Chema filmed of Alex in the shower. As a young Chema begins to touch himself, we realize Sara caught him! She’s incredibly disgusted, and goes as far as telling him she’ll tell Cesar (who is notoriously homophobic). Rodolfo interrupts, giving Chema a way out of the conversation. He then grabs the knife Alex gave him, planning to cut something, but Alex shows up post-shower, stopping him.

In the present, Elisa breaks into Alex’s house. After snooping around Sara’s room and finding some JUICY evidence (you’ll have to watch to find out), Alex finds her. And he’s pissed. Elisa kisses him to distract him, and the two end up hooking up. Their post-coital conversations center around Alex’ scars he received from prison, followed by him revealing he knows who Elisa really is, making her panic. He leaves her with food

And to round up this episode, Lorenzo is looking for Chema at their house. The camera pans over a photography book with none other than Diana the huntress on the cover!

This episode was something. There was a lot of Chema this episode, albeit in small bursts. While the scene where he films Alex in the shower is still creepy, it’s nice to know that it does play an important role. Sara catching and threatening him, as well as him owning the knife that was on board, certainly provides motive. Also, the inclusion of the flashback where Sara watches Chema hug Alex was so intense after we saw the knife. The two of them glaring at each other had a lot of weight the second time around.

Speaking of the knife, I had been wondering about its significance of it since the last episode. We saw Mariana throw it into the lake, so its reappearance was shocking. Someone had to dig it out of the lake and send it to her. I’m guessing it was Diana because of the photo they sent Alex.

After this episode, Cesar is horrible. After watching him be with other women, do drugs, force girls to become prostitutes, bully his grandson, and be a homophobic jerk to Chema, it’s impossible to not want Alex to take him down. I’m super curious to see how Alex plans on destroying his reputation via the cloud. I’m wondering if there are pictures there, of Cesar’s behavior or something else that he plans on using. As always, I have many questions and am super excited for the finale.

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