Who Got the Real Power Here? – S1 E6 ‘The Letter For The King’ Recap & Review

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A young squire named Tiuri embarks on a journey across three kingdoms to deliver a secret letter to a king. On the THE LETTER FOR THE KING AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW our hosts breakdown the fierce competitors and dastardly challenges Tiuri embarks on each episode and we’re here to make sure YOU don’t miss a thing. From special guests to exclusive info, we’ve got you covered! Subscribe and Comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

Lavinia leaves Tiuri over an argument about their powers and Tiuri still wanting to deliver the letter. After she is gone Tiuri gets upset and lets his horse Ardanwen go. He gets in touch with some older men who are drinking beer and getting drunk over a fire. Out of a sudden Arman finds him and apologizes to Tiuri now understand that he is the brave one, the one whose destiny it is to deliver the letter and that he know need to fight for it. Encouraged by it the novices get together and enter the King Unauwen through the sewer system.
Coming out of the system they are getting stopped by Iona who is tricking everyone stealing the letter from Tiuri. After finally getting it back Tiuri is entering Kings Favian’s hall finding Prince Viridian already sitting next to his father. When King Favian is finally reading the letter he realizes the real plans of his son who gets stabbed by his brother which releases Prince Viridians true power exactly when the full moon rises to the highest point. Covered in dark fog Prince Viridian turns into an evil devil of darkness but gets finally empowered and defeated not by Tiuri but Lavinia who enters the room fighting him with her power of light.
  • Hosts: Bryant Santos, Toree Weaver and Benjamin Schnau (@benjaminschnau)

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