Who Fans Want to See in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3!

With season 2 of HBO’s The White Lotus now over and fans knowing who we won’t be able to see next season, here is a list of people they want to see on vacation in season 3!

White Lotus: Sicily may be over but our favorite vacation series has already been renewed for another season! We can’t wait to see where Mike White takes us next, and which lucky (and some unlucky) guests get to tag along for the ride. Fans have been making their own predictions, so let’s take a look at who everyone wants to see take a vacation at the White Lotus.

We all know that Larry David would not survive one night at The White Lotus. It would be amazing to see him try to attempt relaxation, but we’re not sure it would be possible.

This would be the biggest crossover in HBO Max history! We would be obsessed with a Succession vacation.

Who would make the great return? There are a couple of people who could make great additions, but after their first stay will they want to chance a second one?

The Bluth family might actually be the only people to single handedly destroy an entire hotel. Even if it was just Tobias, we are sure that the staff would not be able to handle him. Though this will never happen, it’s fun to imagine what chaos would ensue if they went to the White Lotus.

Seriously though, after 2 years of murder at the same resort, you would think an internal investigation would be going on. Someone in HR is doing a really good job at keeping The White Lotus hotels alive. We do wonder if next season might include more criminal investigation as we unravel the mystery, but it doesn’t seem like something Mike White would do.

This is a theory we can get behind. Jack Black could easily be starring in season 3. We aren’t sure what role he would play, but there is for sure a character for Mr. Black to play that Mike White can come up with, so we’ll just have to wait to see.

Mr. Moseby would not let a single crime pass if he was running the show. If Esteban is there as his right hand man, count us in. Matter of fact, get us a ticket. It would be an honor to stay at any hotel run by this legend.

There is some speculation on where the next season will take place. Anywhere from Thailand, to Aspen, to the safari, the options are limitless. We cannot wait to see what Mike White has in store for us next year.

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