White Lines S1 E9 Recap & After Show: Too Late to Turn Back Now

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After the tragic death of her brother, Zoe Walker moves to Ibiza to investigate his death. Join us on the WHITE LINES AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow the dangers and delights of Ibiza. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Episode 9 starts with some flashbacks of Axel opening up his club and gaining a significant fan-following from Ibiza tourists. In the present, however, Zoe, Kika, and Marcus are having a fun-filled evening together, sharing laughs and taking drugs. Zoe decides to call Jenny and tell her how sorry she is, but Mike catches Zoe openly talking about taking ecstasy and quickly hops on the line to tell her he will be fighting for full custody.

Meanwhile, David gives Oriol a concoction of illegal substances and brings him on yet another “spiritual journey”. David tells Oriol to not be alarmed by anything he sees — as you can imagine, this trip does not go very well.
Zoe and Boxer show up to court and have yet another argument about their love affair and all the drama that has followed. But as soon as Boxer leaves he gets a text from David that Oriol has disappeared; we soon learn that Clint has taken him (while he was tripping in the woods!) and plans to bring him back to England to put him on trial for Axel’s death.
Boxer informs Zoe of her father’s plan and the two immediately go after him. Unfortunately, it is too late. Clint set out on his own and after leaving an emotional voicemail for Zoe, Oriol breaks free from captivity and attacks Clint while he’s driving. The episode ends with Oriol calling Boxer to tell him he has just killed a man.
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