White Lines S1 E4 Recap & After Show: Revelations

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After the tragic death of her brother, Zoe Walker moves to Ibiza to investigate his death. Join us on the WHITE LINES AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow the dangers and delights of Ibiza. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

This juicy episode takes us on a journey as we learn about family dynamics and family rivalries.  We learn that Christobol is alive despite the brutal torture from Oriel but has lost his hearing. His father Pepe Martinez is not taking this lightly and is determined to take revenge regardless of Conchita’s visit. Conchita visits Pepe and reminds him of how one of his family members hurt her sister and she hasn’t retaliated for that. Andreau is fed up with his entire family and punches his son Oriel for the greater mess that he has made and throws him out the house. Oriel is distraught in this episode and visits a Shaman to help him gain some revelations to the murder of Axel Collins. Zoe and Kika spend the day at the beach when it is interrupted by a surprise visit from Zoe’s dad. Anna offers to take care of Marcus after his knee injury at the hospital. Although Boxer is furious with Zoe for not trusting him, he can’t seem to pull himself away from helping Zoe. Lastly, Andreau is in a horrible car accident but was it a accident or a setup?
This episode was hosted by Rob Styles @robsteelo , Ally Janes @allylewber , and Ashmin With The Insights @insightsbyish

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