White Lines S1 E3 Recap & After Show: High Speed Chases, Musical Torture, and Boxer Fixing The Problems With The Romanians.

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After the tragic death of her brother, Zoe Walker moves to Ibiza to investigate his death. Join us on the WHITE LINES AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow the dangers and delights of Ibiza. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Zoe and Boxer go on a wild, fast, and furious chase from the police; with kilos of cocaine in the trunk. Boxer, being the street wise, veteran he is, throws the cocaine out of car, as the dust that it kicks up, creates a perfect smoke screen. Oriol who’s hellbent on finding the killer of Axel, to gain his father Andreu’s trust again, sets his eyes on Cristobal; the ex boyfriend of Kika. Oriol has Cristobal kidnapped and tortures him by binding him to speakers and blasting techno music in his ears to garner a confession of killing Axel, from him. Cristobal admits to nothing but an affair between Axel and Conchita, Oriol’s mother, going presumably deaf in the process. Zoe and Kika go pick up Marcus’s kids from from school, in order to keep them save from the Romanians. Boxer meets the Romanians at sea and kills them. Meanwhile on land, as Zoe, Kika, and Marcus’s children ride through the forests of Ibiza, the children notice their dog. Kika stops the car and the children run to go pick up the dog. The children run into the forest . Zoe chases behind them but can’t find them. Zoe goes to the police and tells them about the kilos of cocaine that were in the car, when she they were chased by them earlier, and she tells them that they belonged to the Romanians, which unbeknownst to Zoe, are no longer alive.
This episode was hosted by Rob Styles @robsteelo , Ally Janes @allylewber , and Ashmin With The Insights @insightsbyish

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