White Lines S1 E2 Recap & After Show: A Dog Funeral and A Trunk Full of Cocaine

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After the tragic death of her brother, Zoe Walker moves to Ibiza to investigate his death. Join us on the WHITE LINES AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow the dangers and delights of Ibiza. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

“White Lines” episode 2 starts off with a throwback by showing us a young and care-free Axel, as well as Marcus and their friend David; the three are on trial for DJ’ing an illegal rave. We then jump 22-years-later, to present day, where David is ministering a memorial service for Axel.

At this point, Zoe is suspicious of pretty much everyone and decides to steal the cocaine from Marcus’ house to bribe him to come clean about whatever it is he is hiding with Axel’s death. To pull this off, she borrows Boxer’s car.
Next, we meet Kika, who was actually one of Axel’s past lovers. She and Zoe share some sweet bonding moments, and Kika even shows Zoe Axel’s favorite place on the island. We can tell Zoe likes Kika, but she is still skeptical considering Kika is a part of the Calafat family.
Meanwhile, Marcus goes to see the Romanians — Yuri and Grigor. They are looking for the cocaine (Yep, the cocaine that Zoe stole), as well as $35k. Marcus — of course, not having the drugs nor the money — winds up getting his leg broken by the Romanians.
The episode ends with Zoe and Boxer getting pulled over by the cops. At this desperate moment, Zoe finally decides to tell Boxer that there’s 7 kilos of cocaine in his trunk.
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