Where The Cast of New Girl is Now!

Have you ever wondered where the lovable characters of New Girl ended up after the series ended? We’re letting you know what what we think the characters have been up to!

Who’s that girl? More like where’s that girl that we all know and love?!? Jessica Day and the rest of the L.A. gang have been long gone from our television screens. As the show ended with Jess and Nick moving out of the beloved loft, a whole unknown future laid ahead of the characters. While we can’t say for sure if Jess and Nick ever got back at Winston for his series finale eviction prank, we have many other theories for where the characters of New Girl would be today! 

Jessica Day:

There’s no doubt that Jess would still be just as optimistic and energetic as she always was. Her and Nick would carry on with a loving and lasting marriage. Jess would be both successful in her family life as she is in her teaching job. Her skills of working with students, and her nurturing attitude would lend themselves to helping her be an amazing mother. Having to be patient with her friends over the years, Jess would be the parent who wants her kid to feel comfortable coming to her with anything. Jess would probably always have her feelings stick in her purse. As a committed parent and individual, Jess would want to be the head of the PTA moms at her kid’s school, and she would definitely want to organize all of the bake sales. Jess would insist that her family have Dirty Dancing movie nights together. Of course Jess and Nick’s home would be filled with puppies too. There’s no doubt that in her and Nick’s home, Jess would have a giant walk-in closet full of colorful sweaters and polka dotted sweaters. 

Nick Miller: 

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Over the years, Nick still hasn’t lost his cool edge, but he would definitely be known for his dad jokes. Still learning how to parent, Nick would have trouble trying to be serious. He would pick his kid up from school to play hookey. Nick would, of course be a great dad and would share stories about his own high school days and how he used to be the best at hacky sack in his grade. Nick would definitely try to make his kid some sort of sports prodigy and teach his kid all about Chicago sports. On holidays, he and Jess would switch between visiting family in Oregon and Chicago. Nick would end up with the dream office that he always wanted due to his best selling Pepperwood Chronicles. The writer would continue making fiction series which would then turn into movies. With a large fan base, people would travel from all over the world to Nick’s book signings which would take place at his beloved bar. 


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Excelling as CEO and father, Schmidt is killing it at both his dream jobs! Schmidt would become the king of L.A. advertisements with his own company. At his company Schmidt would definitely try to play match-maker with his employees. He would also probably have a hard time not crossing the boundary between being friends and the boss of his employees. We could see him over sharing with his coworkers and asking them for advice on silly issues like about how to go viral on TikTok. Schmidt would continue to be a loving husband and best friend to Cece. He would definitely plan all kinds of crazy elaborate adventures for the two of them to go on over the years. We’re sure at some point Schmidt would try to take up modeling again. His daughter Ruth would be the center of he and Cece’s life! 

Cece Parekh:

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Running the top modeling agency in L.A., Cece would use her direct and upfront personality to recruit all the best models. Cece herself would probably become an influencer which would lead her to all kinds of modeling shows around the world. Continuing to be invited to the coolest parties, Cece would instead opt out to spend a night in with her family. Cece would excel as a mother. After taking care of her best friend all their lives, mothering would come natural to Cece, and her daughter Ruth would be her best friend. Over the years, Cece would know exactly how to handle every tough situation that her daughter gets into because Cece had gotten into trouble for the same things. Cece and Jess would have weekly coffee and wine dates while they catch up on their husband’s hilarious hijinks. 

Winston Bishop:  

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On his off days of being a cop, Winston would definitely open up a prank shop with all kinds of gadgets for his gimmicks. Out of all his favorite activities, Winston would keep his friendship with Cece strong by coming up with hilarious and classic Cece and Winston mess arounds. Winston would not change and if anything just become more himself. His bird shirt collection would grow by the year, and so would his amount of cats. Although Aly would discourage him from buying more of both, she would just want him to be happy. Their relationship would continue to flourish and they would both equally take care of their child, Dan Bill. Much to Aly’s dismay, Winston would definitely teach his son some crazy pranks. Over the years the couple would have several more children. Their home would be the one that all the kids want to have play dates at. 


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Although Coach had moved away long ago from his friends and loft, he always checks in with his lifelong buddies. During the pandemic, Coach and the gang definitely would have had weekly zoom calls where everyone would catch up and their kids would get to see each other. After the kids were put to bed, the friends would all have a game of “True American” over the screen. Coach and Malia would still be thriving in New York City! Coach would turn his talent for bossing others around into a successful personal fitness business with several A-list clients. On weekends, he and Malia would visit art museums just as much as they go to sporting events. Coach and Malia would maintain their loving relationship and eventually get married, giving all their friends a chance to reunite. 

We know that no matter where the characters might go, every Thanksgiving, holiday, or any cause for celebration, the group would not be living more than five minutes from each other’s houses. Their children would all be best friends, and the friend group would still be a big part of each other’s lives for years to come!

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