Where is Richie Fife now?! – S1 E10 ‘Home Before Dark’ Recap & Review

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Some cold cases are better left cold. Others are re-opened and a TV series is made about them! This is the latter! Join us on the Home Before Dark AfterBuzz TV After Show where we’ll be discussing Apple TV’s series and diving into the grit and dirty of it. From plot discussions and scene breakdowns, to theories and more. Join us here each week! Subscribe and leave a comment and rating to let us know what you think!

Episode Recap

With season one coming to an end, this finale has to be the biggest episode yet! Significant new evidence is discovered about the Richie Fife case that leaves us asking more questions than before. Carole Collins confesses not only to the police, but also to Hildie, a wrench is thrown in Izzy and Ethan’s relationship, and there is finally a new sherif in town.
  • Todays Show was hosted by: LaToya Blakely, Kelsey Meyer, and Shyntel DelAguila

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