Where Gen-Zer’s Can Revisit Their Favorite Nickelodeon Shows!

Did you know Zoey 101, iCarly, and Spongebob Squarepants can now all be found on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Paramount Plus? Here is where you can catch all your favorite shows! 

Have you missed watching some of the most nostalgic Nickelodeon shows from your childhood? So have we! After looking for shows like Spongebob, Zoey 101 and All That on streaming platforms we have finally found them. Here are 10 throwback shows from your Gen-Z childhood and where they can be found.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Who else thought they were an Air Bender growing up? The action-adventure series aired in 2005 and the three seasons can now be found on Netflix and Paramount+. Looking back now, it’s one of Nickelodeon’s most nostalgic shows from our generation. Everyone was watching it, making it some of Nickelodeon’s best work!


Kenan & Kel

This series was a bit before our time but HILARIOUS! The show aired for four seasons beginning in 1996 and if you had any older, millenial siblings, you’ve definitely seen this show. It can now be found on BET Plus, Netflix and Paramount+!


The Fairly OddParents

Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy will forever hold a soft spot in so many people’s hearts. This was a prime Nickelodeon show with hilariously wholesome episodes; the series can now be streamed anytime and anywhere on Netflix or Paramount+.



iCarly was responsible for so many girls wanting to start their own YouTube channel with their best friend. Carly, Sam and Freddie were an iconic trio, and we love Spencer and Gibby too! The series has grown so much even being made into a spinoff today, but, if you’re interested in revisiting the original, check it out on Netflix and Paramount+.


Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob is iconic and everyone knows it. Going 13 seasons strong, the series began in 1999 and has yet to quit. It is one of those childhood shows you grow up watching and eventually your children will begin watching. It is available on both Amazon Prime Video and Paramount Plus. Who doesn’t love this adorable sponge.


Zoey 101

This show was a Gen-Z classic! It premiered in 2005 and ran for four seasons with Nickelodeon stars such as Jamie Lynn Spears, Austin Butler and Victoria Justice. Check it out now on Netflix and Paramount Plus!



Victorious had one of the most iconic casts to date! With celebs like Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies and Victoria Justice. The original songs throughout the series are such hits! The 2010 show can be found on Netflix and Paramount+ and is just as hilarious as the first time you watched it, go stream it right now!


All That

All That is undeniably iconic! The series is slightly older than we are but considering that it ran for 10 seasons we were still able to catch it. If you missed out, it was considered the Saturday Night Live for kids at the time with iconic nostalgia stars such as Amanda Bynes, Kenan Thompson, Giovonnie Samuels and Kel Mitchell. It is now available for streaming on Netflix.


Big Time Rush

Who else had a crush on the BTR boys? I wanted nothing more growing up than to go to one of their concerts. Most of us were in middle school when the show dropped in 2009, leaving us with four seasons of Nickelodeon heartthrobs. You can head to Netflix or Parmount+ to check out these boy’s smooth moves!



The adorable cartoon premiered in 1991, meaning Gen-Zers were only able to catch the reruns. However, just because it’s a bit older than we are doesn’t mean we loved it any less than millennials! Check it out on Hulu!


Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Who didn’t love Ned’s Declassified?! The show was so original and hilarious with every character being so different from the last. The classic series can be found on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Paramount Plus and Amazon Prime Video!

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