Where Are ‘The Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 8 Couples Now?

From exiting paradise and going back into the real world, the only question still standing is what couples have stayed together and which have broken things off. Scroll down to see where this season’s Bachelor In Paradise cast are now!

Bachelor In Paradise opened up this week with Wells reminiscing on all the drama that ensued this entire season down at the beach. If you thought the drama ended there… then you my friend don’t know Bachelor In Paradise at all. During Monday night’s episode, the only couples left standing were Serene and Brandon; along with Johnny and Victoria who left the beach engaged. Although filming ended five months ago, all past members of the beach came on for the reunion in last night’s finale of paradise. See below for what went down on last night’s reunion and where these couples are now.

Brandon & Serene


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Brandon and Serene have proved to everyone that love is possible when it comes to being on a drama-filled beach. During last night’s finale, Jesse Palmer asked the two lovebirds after their engagement if they wanted to get married right there on the spot! Although the two love each other, they agreed that it wouldn’t be the right thing to do without their family members present.

Although Palmer became ordained and was not able to marry the two, he did comment on last night’s reunion that he expects an invite when the big day comes. All of Bachelor Nation can’t wait to see these two wed!

Kate & Logan

During Monday night’s episode, it came as no surprise that Kate broke up with Logan during the rose ceremony and rejected his rose. On last night’s finale, the two were able to hash things out by Logan going off on Kate and explaining his story on how he moved out to Los Angeles to be an actor. Kate became this season’s villain down in paradise with clips of her saying that the “hot commodity” can’t afford an equinox gym membership while driving an orange Nissan.

Since then, Gallivan has taken to social media to apologize for her actions and words used on the beach. The two are still broken up as of today.

Aaron & Genevieve

Aaron and Genevieve had a rocky relationship the entire season of paradise. On Monday night’s episode, Aaron broke things off with Genevieve based on her already packing her bags twice when things got rough. On last night’s reunion, the two were brought on the couch one last time where audiences learned the two haven’t spoken since they left Mexico.

They had an adult conversation and both apologized for their actions that ensued on the beach. Although they are still not together, there have been cheating rumors speculating that Clancy was talking to a woman that he is currently dating before leaving for the beach.

According to Reality Steve, Aaron was seeing two women at the same time before he left to go to paradise. Clancy currently has a new girlfriend who is not affiliated with the Bachelor franchise. In the article, there have been text exchanges between the two girls on how they both came to the realization that Clancy was playing both of them at the same exact time.

Bachelor Nation was shocked at how the controversy didn’t come up during the couple’s time on the couch with Palmer. Parisi took to Twitter to let fans know she had no idea about the two women until after they wrapped the reunion.

@genevieveparisi 🫖 #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Jersey Shore

To take matters into her own hands, Parisi took to TikTok using Sammi’s “Sweethearts” voiceover from the Jersey Shore during her break up with Ronnie after he admitted he had called another girl back home while vacationing in Italy with Sammi. Although this controversy is continuing to hit Bachelor Nation, only time will tell when the truth is fully revealed.

Brittany & Tyler

Brittany and Tyler left the beach hand-in-hand on Monday night’s episode of paradise leading audiences to figure out what their love would be like in the real world. Unfortunately, Tyler and Brittany are no longer together; leaving Bachelor Nation shocked.

The couple left paradise and soon met one another’s families with Galvin going to New Jersey and Norris traveling to Chicago. Brittany began to travel with friends in Italy which resulted in her relationship fizzling out with Tyler. Norris went on to say that she broke up with him over Facetime; on the anniversary that Rachel broke up with him on national television.

After talking to Palmer, it was then Brittany’s turn to sit in the hot seat with her past flame. She admitted that when the two left paradise they were at an all-time high, but as time went on she didn’t feel the same way. This led to her asking Norris for a break and he then contacted her two hours later on the same day.

The only question left on everyone’s minds was Norris commenting that her mother sent him something over on Instagram. Time will only tell when that gets revealed to the public.

Michael & Danielle


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Fans fell in love with Michael and Danielle when they first saw one another on the beach. On Monday night’s episode, the two left paradise together to see if their spark would stay the same when entering the real world. Last night, the two walked out hand and hand as they sat to talk with Palmer in the hot seat.

Before delving into their own relationship, Michael apologized for the way he treated Sierra at the beginning of paradise leading her to say that she was happy for the two of them. Not only was Danielle’s hair color a big change, but the couple is currently ending their long-distance relationship with her moving to Ohio. Although they will not be moving in together as of yet due to Michael’s son, they will now be in the same town.

Danielle has even met and spent time with Michael’s son which is going great. Although Allio made his love clear for Danielle over Instagram, he also told her live on television that he was in love with her for the first time! Bachelor Nation only wishes a lifetime of happiness for this couple.

Jill & Jacob

Fans were in for a treat when Jacob literally went to sweep Jill off her feet and off stage to win her back. Although Jill and Jacob called it quits after the split week, the two have surprisingly rekindled their spark since the show’s ending.

After leaving the beach Jacob contacted Jill a week after paradise ended. Jill went on to say, “We both are just open and just know we have a connection, so we’re just gonna explore it a little bit more,” Jill said. “Am I making any promises? No. But we’re definitely just gonna see what’s there. I feel like it’s a chapter we didn’t really get to fully explore, so I just wanna see if there’s more.”

We’ll have to see if their connection will survive outside in the real world.

Kira & Romeo

One of the highlights from this season of paradise was Romeo’s reaction to leaving the beach with Kira. Although this has become a meme, fans were shocked that the couple is still together to this day and even kissed on the reunion! Although Kira was seen for being the first villain to enter paradise, she and Romeo seem more in love than ever and even create hilarious content on their social media platforms.


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Bachelor Nation will not have to “blink twice” when it comes to this couple.

Johnny & Victoria

The couple we have all been waiting for came face to face last night where Bachelor Nation was able to take in all the drama that has unfolded since the wrapping of paradise. On last night’s finale, Johnny proposed to Victoria and the two left the beach more in love than ever before. During the reunion fans came to the realization that the couple were no longer engaged.

Three weeks after leaving paradise, Victoria made it clear to viewers that they were fighting and that it was no longer working out. The couple stayed engaged for one month before calling it quits. While they continued to argue all the time, the last straw was when Johnny called Victoria a f***ing c*** which she also shared on her Instagram story.

As the fighting on stage ensued, Johnny felt extremely uncomfortable and was hurt that she made her now “rumored” relationship with Greg so public. There have been rumors that she was cheating on Johnny with Greg as they were continuing to work on their relationship.

Fuller made it clear to all that she never cheated on Johnny with Greg. Although Johnny then left the stage, Fuller was still in the hot seat with Palmer on the Greg situation. Last night, Victoria and Greg made their relationship public to all of Bachelor Nation which even threw the cast through a loop.

The two even made it a point to show off their matching tattoos that say “ciao”. Everyone in the audience was in utter shock including the cast on how this was relevant to the topic. To end their time in the hot seat Fuller made it a point that she does not care what anyone really thinks and doesn’t mind if she is hated by Bachelor Nation.

Who knows which couples will stay together and drift apart throughout this franchise? Although paradise has sadly come to an end, make sure to tune in on January 23rd for Zach Shallcross as he starts his journey to find love on The Bachelor!

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