Where Are ‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Russ & Paola Now?

Russ and Paola are OG’s of the franchise starting in season 1 and still appearing on the show. Let’s see what the couple is up to. 

Who: Russ & Paola Mayfield

Season: 90 Day Fiance Season 1; 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Seasons 1-4

Status: Married

Their History

Russ & Paola first appeared on season 1 of 90 Day Fiance. They are also the only couple from the first season to appear on more than one season of the franchise.

Paola is originally from Columbia and Russ is from Oklahoma. The couple encountered many hardships during their first season on the show, with the largest being Russ’ family. The couple did eventually, despite all odds, make it down the aisle. However, their troubles didn’t end there.

After their stint on the original series, the couple branched out to do the spinoff 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. During the 4 seasons they appeared on the show they experienced many hardships, the first being the move to Miami Florida.

Paola wanted a change of scenery after experiencing degrading remarks from Russ’ family about the way she dressed, and acted. She then decided to make a move to Miami Florida, where there would be more diversity, and she could feel comfortable being herself. Russ opted to stay behind in Oklahoma for his job, but soon also transitioned to the sunshine state.

You would think leaving his family behind their lives would get a whole lot easier, but that wasn’t the case. The couple clashed over Paola’s modeling career, her best friend, and then the hardest event the couple would have to over take, a miscarriage.

They were able to get past each event and even got pregnant again, delivering their first child in January 2019. During their last season on Happily Ever After the couple was still at odds raising their son, with Paola not wanting Russ’ mother to even hold their child. The season left off with us unsure on what the future held for the 90 day veterans.

Where are they now?

Paola and Russ are still married and living together in Florida with their now 1 year old son Axel. The couple just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary on October 7th.

Paola is currently still working as a model as well as undertaking a personal training venture. She even has an Instagram for her fitness called @superpaofitteam as well as a website superpoafit.com. On her Instagram you can get a taste of her different workouts for free, while on the website you can purchase one on one training, as well as other features.

Paola is also using her Instagram to speak out against child trafficking, veganism, and many other political issues.

According to his Linkedin, Russ is a Technical Product Manager at Xylem Inc.

It’s unclear if the two will appear on future seasons of the show.

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