Where Are ‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Mike & Aziza Now?

It was unclear throughout the season if Aziza even liked Mike, but by the end, they made it down the aisle. What are the two up to now though? 

Who: Mike & Aziza Eloshway

Season: 90 Day Fiance season 1

Status: Married

Their History

Mike was 31 and Aziza was 21 during their season of 90 Day Fiance. He was from Cleveland, Ohio, and she was from Volgograd, Russia. They met on a language acquisition website, and their relationship actually started off as a friendship. It wasn’t until after Aziza was turned down for a work permit in America that the two started a romantic relationship.

During their time on the show, fans, and Mikes family were skeptical of Aziza’s true intentions. She wasn’t very affectionate with Mike and when it came to sleeping together she always put on the brakes expressing that she was not yet comfortable.

There were further issues when Aziza’s family was unable to attend her wedding, leaving the bride to be extremely upset. However, despite all the odds, the couple made it down the isle.

Where are they now?

Aziza and Mike are still going strong, and actually just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary on October 5th.

Mike now works at Hitachi Healthcare Americas as a Network Analyst in Twinsburg, OH according to LinkedIn. While, Aziza now has her green card, and was last working at an optics lab.

The couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Olivia Joan, on January 14th, 2019.

The two have also also explained the lack of intimacy on the show. In a comment on Reddit Mike explained that it stemmed from their self-consciousness about discussing their private lives on camera. They also certified that the timing of their romance was purely a coincidence and in no way was about Aziza getting a green card.

Seeing where they are now, they no longer need to prove to the world that their love was real.

That wraps up our season 1 couples, with everyone still together, what do you think the future seasons will hold?

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