Where Are ’90 Day Fiancé’s’ Mark & Nikki Now?

Viewers were skeptical of Mark and Nikki’s relationship; they seemed to make it work then, but is that still the case today? 

Who: Mark & Nikki Shoemaker

Season: 90 Day Fiancé Season 3

Status: Unknown

90 Day Recap

Mark and Nikki definitely turned heads during their time on the franchise. She was 19 and from Cebu City, Philippines, and he was 58, from Baltimore, Maryland. Mark already had four children from his previous marriage (his ex-wife was also from the Philippines), all of them older than his fiancé.

If their age difference didn’t already make people think of a father daughter relationship, Mark’s behavior toward her certified it. He scolded her for how she acted and talked down to her like a child.

Mark also didn’t seem completely over his ex, who left him and his children to live her life. He had photos of his ex in the house, plus he bought Nikki the same car he bought her.

Mark’s daughter Elise was very uncomfortable with the engagement due to the fact that Nikki was a year younger than her. She expressed this to her father when he asked if he could give some of Elise’s old clothes to Nikki.

The couple also had a slight disagreement when Mark asked Nikki to sign a prenup.

However, through all the hardships, the couple did say, “I do.”

Where are they now?

After the season aired, the couple sued the network for broken written promises, including that the “show is a documentary, not scripted, not staged, filmed as it happens” and “you are not forced to do or say anything.” but the lawsuit was dismissed.

Both Nikki and Mark are not currently on social media, so their relationship status is unknown, though it’s assumed they are still married.

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