Where Are ‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Louis & Aya Now?

It seemed like Louis’ Ex might be too much for Aya to handle, but the couple was able to overcome. Where are they now though? 

Who: Louis & Aya Gattone

Season: 90 Day Fiance season 1

Status: Married

It’s never easy introducing a new person into your family. It’s even harder when your ex-wife is very invested in you and your new fiance’s sex life. This was definitely the case for Louis and Aya during their season.

On their season Louis was 33 and lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Aya was 30 living in Ormoc, Philippines. They met on an online dating service in 2012 and originally Aya wanted Louis to move to her country. He was completely on board with that, if it wasn’t for his two sons, which made the final decision for her to move to the US.

Their time on the season was pretty smooth, with just a couple of exceptions. The first being Louis ex demanding to know if Aya was on birth control and not wanting them to have children. The second was Louis trying to cut corners in an effort to save money on their wedding.

Despite the issues, the couple was able to work it out and said their I do’s by the end of the season.

Where are they now?

The two are still happily married and living in the US. They recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary in September.

They welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Giovanni Gattone, back in 2018 and are currently expecting their second child (fourth for Louis) this year.

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