Where Are ’90 Day Fiancé’s’ Jason & Cássia Now?

Cássia and Jason were definitely a couple we questioned would make it down the aisle. They took that leap, but how are they doing now? 

Who: Cássia Tavares and Jason Hitch

Seasons: 90 Day Fiancé season 2

Status: Divorced

90 Day Recap

Jason and Cássia met through Facebook, but it wasn’t the romantic beginning most would hope for, as Cássia was currently dating Jason’s friend. However, they didn’t last, and after they broke up, she and Jason began dating. The couple had a 15-year age difference between them. Jason was an Army veteran and lived a very frugal life; in fact, raising the money for Cássia’s visa proved difficult, but he eventually was able to.

When Cássia moved out to the US on her 90 day visa, she moved in with Jason and his father. The two had their fair share of problems, including Cássia having issues with Jason’s friends and not liking the town Jason lived in, claiming she was always bored. Jason was also very skeptical of his wife to be, doubting her true intentions.

They made it down the aisle, even though the marriage would not last.

Where are they now?

After their time on the show, Jason and Cássia started a mail-order snack business called “Gifting Fun”. However, in 2018 the couple filed for divorce after Cássia called the cops on Jason for getting physical during a fight. He was arrested on charges of domestic violence, but Cassia withdrew her statement as she didn’t want things to get ugly. Jason had denied the accusations. He filed for divorce but canceled it eventually as he had a change of heart, and the two decided to work on their marriage.

In an effort to make things work, Jason had reportedly taken Cassia to various concerts, exciting events, and partying with celebrities. He had also taken her to Melbourne for an army group retreat. But nothing worked. Eventually, the couple filed for divorce again in September 2018, and their marriage was dissolved in October 2018.

Since, according to sources, the split was a mutual one, and they were still friends and had respect for each other, Cássia still remained living in the house with Jason. They expressed this was due to Cassia needing a place to stay as she was pursuing a college degree, and Jason helped her out. She eventually moved out in the middle of November 2018.

Cássia returned to Brazil after the split for a bit but returned to America to finish her studies. She has since moved on with a new man. She also took up issue with TLC and how they edited the show, saying she was portrayed in a way that was not reflective of who she really is. She has deleted all of her social media, so that is all that is known as of now.

Jason announced earlier this year that he has a new girlfriend on his IG, although all trace of her is now gone. He is currently working on his fitness, as well as continuing his military career, and is on guard duty. He has also become a balloon artist, florist, and dog groomer.

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