Where are ‘90 Day Fiancé’s’ Fernando & Carolina Now?

Her relationship with his family wasn’t quite what she expected. They made it down the aisle, but what are they up to now? 

Who: Fernando & Carolina

Season: 90 Day Fiancé season 3

Status: Married

90 Day Recap:

Fernando and Carolina met in Columbia while they were both on dates with other people. However, they hit it off right away and ended up engaged before Fernando returned to America. Fernando had been married before, so there were some hesitations heading into a new one, especially with the 17-year age difference between the two.

They also had some issues with Fernando’s mother when Carolina first arrived in Florida. She told Carolina that she thought all people from Columbia were cocaine addicts. They also dealt with trust issues after Carolina found a pair of woman’s underwear in his drawer. She also had a lot of trouble with the move often missing her family and calling her mother 3 times a day.

However, they were able to overcome it and made it down the aisle.

Where are they now?

Eight years later the two are still together and appear to be very happy and in love.

The couple has decided to not have children, at least for the time being, and instead are spending their time traveling the globe without the responsibility of children. They even managed to fit in a vacation to Mexico last year before the pandemic shutdown.

They still live in Florida.

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