Where Are ‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Danielle & Mohamed Now?

Danielle and Mohamed are one of the most famous 90 Day couples and to everyone’s shock, they actually made it down the aisle. But where are they now? 

Who: Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins

Season: 90 Day Fiance season 2; 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season’s 1 & 2

Status: Divorced

Their Time on 90 Day Fiance

From the moment these two appeared on 90 Day Fiance they were reality tv gold!

Mohamed Jbali, 26, from Tunis, Tunisia, met Danielle Mullins (41, from Norwalk, Ohio) in an online chat room. They were shortly engaged, and Mohamed was on his way to America. Once there, however, it was not the magical happy romance that was expected.

Danielle’s children questioned Mohamed’s intentions from the get-go, which was justified by the way Mohamed treated Danielle. There was zero intimacy between the two, and Mohamed never tried to create a relationship with her children. The two had countless fights and lied to each other constantly. Mohamed pretended to have a job which he did not, and Danielle passed bad checks and used someone else’s credit card fraudulently, plus she had a mountain of credit card debt.

Despite everything, the two managed to make it down the aisle (even though Mohamed refused to kiss the bride). If you’re a fan of 90 Day, you already know that they are no longer together, but is it possible that they’re friends?

Where Are They Now?

Shortly after they married, Mohamed started traveling, hardly seeing his new bride. After going to Florida with a female friend, Danielle discovered intimate photos of the two on social media. She immediately hired a lawyer and filed for an annulment. Even though she was advised that it would be extremely difficult for her to achieve this goal, she was dead set on it because it would mean Mohamed would be deported.

She even went to Florida to confront Mohamed at one point resulting in her screaming at him in the street. Eventually, Danielle gave up the annulment and settled for a divorce.

These two got incredibly nasty with one another, with Mohamed even suggesting that Danielle didn’t properly wash or take care of her private parts during the Tell All and Danielle repeatedly trying to get Mohamed deported even after the divorce. The two have also both sued each other. After all that is it possible they were able to get past it?

In an episode of 90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantine, it appears the two have found a way to work out their differences and start a friendship.

Danielle is quarantining with 7 other people, including her son, his wife, and their new baby. She is still working as her job of working with adults with mental disabilities has been deemed essential.

Mohamed is currently living in Texas and working as a truck driver, which is also deemed essential during the pandemic.

It seems that during this time, Mohamed reached out to Danielle, and the two started “chit-chatting”. They insist that their relationship is purely friendly and not romantic. For everyone’s sake, we hope that’s the way it stays.

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