Where Are ‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Chelsea & Yamir Now?

Yamir and Chelsea were able to make it, even though she was accused of breaking up the band. Where are they now though? 

Who: Yamir Castillo and Chelsea Macek

Season: 90 Day Fiance season 2

Status: Divorced

Their Time on 90 Day Fiance:

Yamir Castillo met Chelsea Macek while she was volunteering in Nicaragua. He was part of a famous boyband in Nicaragua called Myla Vox, and when the two announced they were getting married and moving to America, many people weren’t enthusiastic about the idea. Chelsea dealt with a lot of pushback from Yamir’s manager in particular.

However, the couple followed through with their plans and moved in with Chelsea’s parents in Galesburg, Illinois. At first, things seemed to be going great for the two, especially since, in America, they had people that actually supported their relationship. However, problems started arising when Yamir found out that his band had broken up back in Nicaragua and they blamed him. When he tried to reach out, one of the band members told him to never ask him for anything again. They also had some issues over Yamir’s career. He is told he should move to Chicago to have a better chance at starting his career, and Chelsea is hesitant since neither of them had a job. On top of it, all the two weren’t on the same page about their wedding. Chelsea wanted more of a laid-back vintage vibe, while Yamir wanted new and flashy. They were able to compromise, though, and made it down the aisle.

On the Tell All, they reveal they had made the move to Chicago.

Where are they now?

The couple was good for a while, with Yamir starting up his solo career, and Chelsea was very supportive, even appearing as the lead in the music video for his song, “Party Love.” She also got a job as an elementary school teacher.

However they weren’t able to make it last, and Chelsea filed for divorce in November of 2016, making this the first couple on our 90 Day list who are not still together.

After her divorce, she also came out as queer and started a relationship with a woman, Erin. Since then, that relationship has come to an end, and Chelsea is now in a long-distance relationship with a helicopter mechanic, Daniel Colombo Verni. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

Meanwhile, Yamir has gotten his Green Card and is living in Chicago full-time as a musician. He did mention in March of 2019 on his Instagram that he had met a “very special woman,” although the post has since been deleted, so it doesn’t seem likely they are still together. Currently, he has been working on his physique and promoting his new song, “Tu y Yo.”

Although the two did not make it as a couple, Yamir insists there is no bad blood, and they are still good friends.

“Just because two people aren’t together any longer doesn’t mean you cannot have a relationship with that person. Although we no longer have the bond that united us, there’s no hate!”

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