Where are ‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Brett & Daya Now?

With a future stepdaughter and critical mother-in-law, we weren’t sure this couple was actually going to make it down the aisle. They figured it out then, but what are they up to now? 

Who: Brett and Daya Otto

Shows: 90 Day Fiance season 2

Status: Married

90 Day Background

Brett was from Snohomish, Washington, and Daya was from San Carlos, Negros Occidental, Philippines, when they met on an online dating service. They applied and were approved for their K1 visa, and Daya joined Brett in America to start their 90 days.

The couple definitely had their fair share of issues during the show. Brett had a 6-year-old daughter, Cassidy, from his previous marriage. Although Cassidy lived primarily with her mother, she did have time with Brett as well. During Cassidy’s visit with Brett, Daya was critical of how he parented, saying he was too lenient. Daya and Cassidy didn’t have the best relationship either, with Cassidy even locking Daya out of the house at one point.

Another woman in Brett’s life that wasn’t the biggest fan of Daya was his mother. His mother felt Daya was too critical of Brett and feared she was using him for a Green Card. The two did not get along, and in the end, Brett’s mother refused to attend the wedding.

Where are they now?

The two are still happily married and even welcomed their first child, a daughter named Isabella, in July 2017.

Isabella dealt with heart complications after she was born, but according to Brett’s blog, her condition has improved.

During their episode of Self Quarantine, we learned that Brett is currently out of work due to the pandemic, and Daya is working night shifts as a medication technician at an assisted living facility.

Cassidy and Daya have gotten past their initial struggles with each other and actually have a good relationship now.

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