Where are ‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Alan & Kirylam Now?

Alan and Kirlyam sad “I do” on season 1 of ’90 Day Fiance’, but what have they been up to since?

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Posted On: November 1st, 2020 3:48 pm pst

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Who: Alan & Kirlyam Cox

Season: 90 Day Fiance season 1

Status: Married

Their History: 

Alan was a 29 year old and Kirlyam was 21 when she made the move to Los Angeles, CA to marry the man of her dreams. The two met while Alan was on a Mormon mission in Kirlyam’s hometown of Gioania, Brazil while Alan was 20 and Krlyam was only 12! They insist that the two did not start a romantic relationship though until 8 years later when they reconnected. Both toted during their season that they were virgins eagerly awaiting their wedding night.

While these two for the most part seemed to have smooth sailings with very few problems, fans turned on Alan when he wasn’t supportive of Kirlyam’s modeling aspirations.

The two made it down the isle, marrying in a Mormon temple with Kirlyam’s family attending virtually, and celebrated their honeymoon in Hawaii.

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Há 4 anos eu disse ‘sim’ para o homem dos meus sonhos. Há 4 anos eu adicionei seu nome ao meu. Há 4 anos nos tornamos um. Passou rápido demais, parece que foi ontem q tudo aconteceu! Eu estava tão ansiosa, mal consegui dormir na noite anterior. Cheguei atrasada pq se não, não tinha graça kkk’ E vc estava lá, tão lindo, me esperando com o sorriso mais sincero e apaixonado que já havia visto. Esses 4 anos foram os melhores da minha vida. Sem você não existiria eu ❤ Obg por sempre me fazer rir. Obg por sempre me colocar em primeiro lugar na sua vida. Obg pelo melhor presente que vc poderia ter me dado, nosso filho Liam! Obg por ter me escolhido para passar a eternidade ao seu lado! Nossa jornada juntos apenas começou e eu amo viver tudo ao seu lado! Amo vc, para sempre, @alandesigned ❤😙🍀 . . Four years ago today I said ‘yes’ to the man of my dreams. Four years ago I add your name to mine. Four years ago we become one. The time went by so fast, looks like it was yesterday all that happened. I could barely sleep the night before our wedding. I was late for our ceremony, more fun this way haha’ You were there, waiting for me with the most beautiful and sincere smile on your face. This last four years were the best of my life. I wouldn’t exist without you ❤ Thank you for always make me laugh. Thank you for always put me in first place. Thank you for choosing me to be your eternal companion. Thank you for the best gift you could ever give to me, our son Liam! I love you forever ❤🍀

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Where are they Now?

The two are still together and welcomed their son Liam in October 6th of 2017. According to Kirlyam’s Instagram the two reside in North Carolina.

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Muito amor pela minha família 💙

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Kirylam is currently still waiting for her green card to be able to work, although she often does sponsored partnerships on her social media. Alan works as a project lead and photo simulation specialist at Breen Engineering.

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Missing you @kirlyam_ and Liam like you wouldn’t believe….. 😭😭 . Sinto tanto saudades de vcs.. 😭😭

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The two were originally separated during the pandemic since Kirlyam was visiting family in Brazil when the borders were closed, but have since reunited and recently celebrated their sons 3rd birthday together.

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🇧🇷 Um pouco do que foi o dia do 3° aniversário do Liam. Eu tô que nem me aguento em pé de cansada, mas valeu muito a pena ver a carinha dele. Liam, eu te amo tanto! Vc é o amor da minha vida todinha ♥️🎈🎉 Deus te abençoe e proteja, meu filho. Saúde e amor é tudo que eu te desejo pra essa vida! Sempre estarei com vc! . . . 🇺🇸 A little bit of Liam’s 3rd birthday. I’m so freaking tired for getting everything ready for him so he could enjoy his day, but it was so worth it seen his face lighting up when he saw the decorations! Son, I love you! May Heavenly Father protect and guide you through this journey, with health and love. That’s all I wish the most for your life. I’ll always be with you 🎉🎈♥️

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