Where are ‘90 Day Fiance’s’ Alan & Kirylam Now?

Alan and Kirlyam were one of the most stable couples to ever be on 90 Day, but where are they now?

Who: Alan & Kirlyam Cox

Season: 90 Day Fiance season 1

Status: Married

Their History

Alan was a 29 year old and Kirlyam was 21 when she made the move to Los Angeles, CA to marry the man of her dreams. The two met while Alan was on a Mormon mission in Kirlyam’s hometown of Gioania, Brazil while Alan was 20 and Krlyam was only 12! They insist that the two did not start a romantic relationship though until 8 years later when they reconnected. Both toted during their season that they were virgins eagerly awaiting their wedding night.

While these two for the most part seemed to have smooth sailings with very few problems, fans turned on Alan when he wasn’t supportive of Kirlyam’s modeling aspirations.

The two made it down the isle, marrying in a Mormon temple with Kirlyam’s family attending virtually, and celebrated their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Where are they Now?

The two are still together and welcomed their son Liam in October 6th of 2017. According to Kirlyam’s Instagram the two reside in North Carolina.

Kirylam is currently still waiting for her green card to be able to work, although she often does sponsored partnerships on her social media. Alan works as a project lead and photo simulation specialist at Breen Engineering.

The two were originally separated during the pandemic since Kirlyam was visiting family in Brazil when the borders were closed, but have since reunited and recently celebrated their sons 3rd birthday together.

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