“What’s Wrong with You?” Season 1 Episode 2 ‘We Are The Wave’ Review

In the review of the second Episode of ‘We are the wave’ on Netflix, moderator Benjamin Schnau (@benjaminschnau) is discussing Tristan opening up about his living situation, Lea’s break up with her boyfriend Björn and the Tristan’s team defense against the neo-nazis.

The new social movement begins on WE ARE THE WAVE! We Are The Wave is a Netflix original series where a group of teenagers, led by Tristan Broch, start a new organization to rid the world of the social ills that teenagers have to suffer through. However, it rapidly grows out of hand, and causes Tristan and his team to question: Do the ends justify the means? Join us on AFTERBUZZ TV’s WE ARE THE WAVE AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we answer that question and breakdown the new adaptation of Todd Strasser’s novel.


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