What We Want To See In ‘WandaVision’

Disney+ released a new trailer for Marvel’s WandaVision, and here’s what we want to see during the rest of the season.

Marvel dropped a jam-packed mid-season trailer and a new poster for WandaVision! Lots of fans were sharing excitement over what could happen at the climax of this season. Here’s our wishlist for what we want to see:

More Pietro

Wanda has finally mentioned her twin brother, Pietro! Ever since he was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans have been looking for ways for him to come back. Since we’ve been seeing Wanda use her mind-boggling powers to distort reality, it would be really interesting if she brought him back, at least temporarily. While it’s been reported that Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who played Pietro in Age of Ultron, is not returning, Evan Peters has been confirmed to be in the series. It’s possible he could be playing another version of the speedster, just like he did in the X-Men franchise. Either way, we’re hoping to hear more about Pietro in future episodes.

Agnes’s Identity Revealed

We’d love to find out who Agnes is. The mid-season trailer and new poster indicate that she plays a larger role in the show than Wanda and Vision’s other neighbors. Jimmy Woo and the S.W.O.R.D. team have also failed to find out her identity. Is she Agatha Harkness from the comics? Could she be a Skrull, an alien shape shifter? Is she here to help or hurt Wanda? We want answers, and we’re excited to see what the show will deliver.

Monica Getting Her Powers

In the comics, Monica Rambeau is the second superhero to take the title Captain Marvel (which she later changes to Spectrum). At the moment, she seems to be powerless, making us wonder if she’ll have powers in the MCU, and if so, when is she going to get them? One theory is that coming into contact with Wanda, whose powers come from an Infinity Stone, and crossing the barrier a few times may trigger her abilities. In the new trailer, we can see that she’s getting some sort of medical scan done. This could be a routine physical, or she could be getting checked out because of her powers. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Doctor Strange Makes an Appearance

Wanda seems to be doing a major number on Westview. In episode 4, Darcy mentions that the levels of radiation could continue to rise, which would have a major impact. We think it’d be super interesting if the damage Wanda’s done leads up to her involvement in the 2nd Doctor Strange movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Elizabeth Olsen is confirmed to be in the movie, but the details are murky. Having Wanda face the consequences of her actions in Multiverse of Madness aligns with Kevin Feige’s statement of trying to expand and blend the Disney+ shows with the feature length films. But the question is will Wanda be a hero or villain in Multiverse of Madness.

We’ve got a lot of questions and theories, but for now, we’ll grab the popcorn and wait and see!

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