What We Know About the ‘Dexter’ Reboot & What We Want to See

Dexter will be returning to Showtime for a 10 episode feature, we’re taking a look at what we know so far & what we want to see!

Surprise Motherf*cker!

If you’ve been dreaming of the return of a certain serial killer-turned-lumberjack then you’re in for a treat. Everyone’s favorite blood splatter analyst, Dexter Morgan, will be returning to our screens once again.

The uber popular show Dexter, ran from 2006 to 2013 and followed the dramatic life of a Miami serial killer. Through family troubles, murders, lovers, and emotions (or perhaps a lack of emotions) the show definitely had people in love with the anti-hero series. However, upon the end in 2013 fans were not exactly thrilled. The widespread opinion of the finale was less than amazing and fans were unsatisfied.

Yet 2020 has been a year full of surprises, and this past Wednesday the creators of Dexter announced the show will be returning to Showtime for a 10 episode feature. This is definitely exciting news, so let’s get into what we know, and what we want to see!

Michael C. Hall & Clyde Phillips are returning

If you’re familiar with the show, you already know actor Michael C. Hall plays the lead role as Dexter. The show would be incomplete without him, so it’s a relief that he will be returning for the role once again. In equally exciting news, the show’s original showrunner, Clyde Phillips, will also be returning.

Showtime says they’ve “found” the storyline

Showtime executives seem to know that fans don’t want to see a revamp unless it’s great. They’ve stated that the reboot has been in the talks for a long time, but they didn’t want to revisit the story unless they had a unique twist. Well, Gary Levine – Showtime’s Co-President of Entertainment – claims they have “found” the storyline worthy of a reboot.

Production starts in early 2021

The show hopes to start filming early next year, so keep your fingers crossed that everything stays on track. This is slightly worrisome since Hollywood has seen an endless list of delays in the past few months, but with productions starting back up we have high hopes.

Tentative release date is fall of 2021

Showtime stated the goal date for a release of the series will be fall of 2021. This means fans won’t be kept waiting too long. We sure hope the production stays on track and doesn’t meet any delays!

Now that we’ve covered what we know so far, let’s dive into what we want to see in the upcoming revamp.

Paul Bunyan who?

In the finale season, audiences watched Dexter fake his own death, ditch his family, and become… a lumberjack? That’s right, the plot twisting and dramatic show Dexter ended off with the serial killer moving out to the woods to start a new life. This is not a joke. I think it’s fair to say that fans want to see Dexter throw in the flannel for this series continuation.

What’s up with Harrison?

Dexter’s son was a pivotal part in why the audience sympathized with Dexter. He loved his son, fought to protect him, and wanted to keep him from the horrors he faced as a child. So when Dexter abandoned him with another serial killer in the final season, it left the audience wondering what kind of person Harrison will grow up to be. Hopefully we will get these answers in the upcoming reboot.

Will Hannah and Dexter reconnect?

These two star-crossed lovers were made for one another. Both serial killers, I think we all thought they would live happily ever after with one another. With Dexter running away and leaving Hannah to raise Harrison, I wonder if the two will be able to successfully repair their relationship or if they will even try at all.

Is he still a killer?

I’ll take, “Does He Still Commit Murder? for 500, Alex.” I think this is the question on everyone’s mind. We know Dexter’s been living secluded in the woods, but how long can he really keep that up for? Has he just given up killing after so long? Does he sneak back into the city for a killing fix once in a while? We all need to know.

What do you want to see in the upcoming reboot? There are a lot of unanswered questions that we’re hoping to get answered. If you can’t tell, I’m extremely excited for this!

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