What We Do In The Shadows S2 E8 Recap & After Show: Guillermo Finds a New Master

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Laszlo discovers a song he wrote in 1852 became the 1980s hit “Come On Eileen”, inspiring a return to he and Nadja’s songwriting pasttime. After bickering through revisions of their old favorites, Colin Robinson arranges for them to perform for an open mic night as an opportunity to feed on people’s anger and boredom.
The house is visited by an old man who introduces himself to Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) as Nandor’s familiar, Benji (Jack O’ Connell) which he was during the 70s before Nandor wiped his memory and dropped him off at a Delaware rest stop. At a familiar mixer with Benji, Guillermo finds fellow familiar, now turned vampire, Celeste (Greta Lee) and over small talk learn she staffs several familiars with a guarantee of sireing them after eight months, but won’t poach Guillermo. Upon returning home, he questions Nandor (Kayvan Novak) as to whether he ever intended to make him a vampire, which sparks a falling out between the two. Nandor soon visits Guillermo at his new abode, finding he is happy having a nice, spacious room and being treated with respect, while he himself is once again annoyed by Benji’s nagging attitude and lack of service.
Unfortunately for Guillermo, Celeste turned out to be a fraud, hosting parties at her master’s house while she was out of town, but while he was on the run from her crew, he was approached by Nandor who agreed to treat him better and fulfill his promise one day.

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