What To Know About Season 4 Of ‘You’!

Are you ready to see what Joe is up to in the fourth season of You? We have everything from who is in the new cast to what fans are predicting online!

After much anticipation, You finally returns for part one of season four on Feb. 9, followed up by part two coming out on March 9. For those who can’t remember what happened last season and are too busy to binge watch it, we got you.

Last season, Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn moved away to a peaceful town to raise their son, Henry, together. As much as Joe hoped to leave the past –and his old habits– behind, he developed a crush on the librarian, Marienne, at the local library near his home.

While Joe is doing his best to resist the temptation, Love tries to fit into her new lifestyle by opening up a bakery but also develops an infatuation with a young man, Theo. Both Joe and Love have affairs, but after finding out about Marienne, Love attempts to poison Joe.

The major plot twist of the season that had fans clutching their pillows? Joe knew about Love’s plan to kill him and swapped the poison and used it on Love. He fakes his death and frames Love for it before fleeing the country to find his actual “true love,” Marienne.

The whole season is one whiplash after another, with twists and turns that fans never expected. This upcoming season is no exception. A recent trailer revealed that Joe is the one being stalked now.

Fans on social media have been going wild with predictions. Some fans are wondering if Joe will finally change and focus on himself.

Others are hoping that Love will make a comeback for this new season. Did she somehow manage to escape? Did someone save her?

Marienne made it out alive last season, will she be the one to track Joe down and finally put a stop to his killing spree?

Fans definitely haven’t forgotten about Ellie! Some are still hoping she returns to avenge her sister, Delilah.

There are so many questions and predictions waiting to be answered.

With a new season comes exciting plot twists and new characters too. Here’s who will be joining the cast of You this upcoming season.

Aidan Cheng will be playing Simon, who, according to the official You Instagram page, is “averse to strangers” and “not a fan of small talk.” Charlotte Ritchie will be joining the cast of You as Kate, described as “the human embodiment of an iceberg.” Ritchie’s character is best friends with Lady Phoebe, a “socialite” and “tabloid sensation.” Lady Phoebe will be played by Tilly Keeper. 

Next, we have Adam Pratt, played by Lukas Gage. Gage’s character is described as “all flash and fun.” Amy-Leigh Hickman will be playing Nadia, who is described as Joe’s “star pupil” and “a breath of fresh air.” Ed Speleers plays Rhys Montrose, who is “level-headed” and someone Joe can relate to. Dario Coates will play the “man-child” Connie. Niccy Lin will play Sophie, an “entrepreneur in an influencer’s body,” and Eve Austin will play Gemma, who is “trapped in a very privileged bubble.”

Lastly, Ozioma Whenu will join the cast as Blessing, “a real-life princess” and “avid risk-taker,” while Ben Wiggins is cast as Roald Walker Burton, described as “every bit of the aristocracy.” Finally, Tati Gabrielle will return to play our favorite librarian, Marienne.

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