What to Expect At The 2020 Emmy Awards

The Emmys are going remote this year due to coronavirus; here are four major changes to expect at 2020’s ceremony!

This year, the Emmys are going virtual due to COVID-19. Here’s what to expect from the ceremony on September 20th!

Filming Remotely

As the Emmys cannot host their usual plethora of stars in LA’s Microsoft Theater this year, the crew will instead be coming to them! In a letter from host Jimmy Kimmel and the Executive Producers of the awards show, plans are outlined to send camera crews to celebrities’ homes or another safe location of their choice. The team behind the Emmys wants to avoid making the show on video-calling platforms such as Zoom as much as possible, although as some stars might be in strict quarantine to prepare for filming there could be some exceptions to this rule. Fear not, though: the letter makes sure to note that cutting edge technology along with high quality cameras and lighting equipment will be used in order to make sure everyone looks their best on this special night.

Dress Code

According to Kimmel and the EPs, “Our informal theme for the night is ‘come as you are, but make an effort!’” What does this mean for the show’s typical glitz and glamour? Well, the letter notes that celebrities are more than welcome to still dress up as if there were a red carpet to strut down, but pajamas are just as acceptable! In this and all other aspects of the show, the EPs are trying to cater to their guests’ comfort levels as much as possible. We can’t wait to see our favorite actors’ looks, at any point on the fashion spectrum!


We know that celebrity guests will be filmed remotely, but where is host Jimmy Kimmel going to be? Although he still won’t be at the typical Microsoft Theater, he will still be hosting live on stage at the Staples Center, also in Los Angeles. Luckily, the venue is large enough for the crew to be able to work safely, and is well equipped to handle the many different video feeds (up to 140!) from each guest around the world. There will be no audience or red carpet, but we’re sure Kimmel will still light up the stage.

Acknowledging the Pandemic

Shows such as the Emmys, celebrating the work of the rich and famous, have the potential to be tone deaf in today’s world especially when millions are struggling due to the global coronavirus pandemic. However, the Emmys are working to make sure that this is not the case. In their letter to the nominees, Kimmel and the EPs note, “We’ll be producing an event that is filled with warmth and humanity, which celebrates the power of television to bring us together and to help us shape our world.” We’re excited to see what this means for the content of the ceremony!

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