What The ‘Bling Empire’ Cast Is Up To!

As we wait for the second season of Netflix’s Bling Empire, let’s see what the real-life Crazy Rich Asians have been up to lately! 

Christine Chiu

Being Baby G’s mother doesn’t stop Christine from being a fashionista! She is dominating the reality TV world appearing in RuPaul’s Drag Race as one of the judges. Christine has also become close to another Netflix star, Ashley Park from Emily in Paris as well as Paris Hilton’s mother attending her birthday party and getaways. As the star and producer of Bling Empire, Christine spilled some tea describing the next season as the “upside-down” version of the previous season. She admitted that there is a lot more beef between the cast members and for fans, this is exciting news because it means more drama!

Anna Shay

Although the queen of Beverly Hills likes to keep things to herself and is relatively private, Anna was all out, (literally everything) on the show and we can’t wait to see more of her brutally honest comments in the next season! The 62-year-old heiress continues to show her love of jewelry and share them on her Instagram. She also posted a picture when she modeled with her co-star Jaime Xie. It seems like the beef between Christine and her has not exactly been patched up yet according to an interview last year. Contradictory to Christine saying they have had dinner and texted, Anna said, “No. That is a simple no, I do not talk to her.” Would they be able to join forces and rule the empire together in season 2?


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Kelly Mi Li

Not only was Kelly the face of the show, but she was also the Executive Producer of the show partnering up with Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ producer Jeff Jenkins. The successful entrepreneur told E! that with the ongoing Asian Hate crimes, she is “grateful to break another barrier” and similar to how Crazy Rich Asians and Fresh Off the Boat paved the way, she hopes there are more shows that share more Asian American representation. Even though she is known as one of the members of the rich empire in LA, she worked her way up to where she is now blinging it on with her intelligence and hard work. As a leading woman, she has been featured in several magazines and podcasts but also showed her fun side when she teamed up with Shang-Chi lead actor Simu Liu on E!’s Celebrity Game Face.


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Kevin Kreider

The six-pack model is not only using his platform to brag about his hotness but also to break Asian men’s stereotypes and spread more about Asian male beauty. At the end of 2020, he publicly announced on Instagram his huge milestone celebrating five years of sobriety. Since then, he has also actively used his TikTok to share his journey to sobriety and steps to develop a healthy and happy lifestyle routine, motivating his followers.


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Kim Lee

DJ Kim is turning it up at concerts across the country and dropping beats! The party queen also showed her vulnerable side during the show, finding out her long-lost father had passed away. Although it was not the happy ending she had expected, Kim was able to get closure from her father’s wife later. Her father’s last wife reached out to her asking if Kim wanted her to send her his ashes and some photos of him. The season ended with a cliffhanger with Kevin and Kim flirting and figuring out how their friendship would progress into something more. In separate interviews with Entertainment Tonight, they both individually said they were still close friends giving each other relationship advice. But are the sparks still there? We have to wait and find out in the upcoming season!


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Kane Lim

A crossover is what we love to see especially with two popular reality TV shows! The Singaporean socialite has also made a guest appearance on Selling Sunset showing off his extravagant mansion in Mount Washington. Kane also moved his way up to hanging out with singer Rihanna at her Fenty Beauty event and even getting photographed with another big singer, Katy Perry.


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Cherie Chan

Let’s rip off the band-aid first, Cherie will unfortunately not be returning back for the next season. The sweet newborn mother and newlywed said she decided to focus on her family and business. After her big proposal to Jessey, we finally got a sneak peek of their highly anticipated wedding held this February. As a proposal was not enough, she also wrote a song about their love and released it on the day of love, Valentine’s Day!

Reflecting back on the reality show, all the cast members said in unison that Asian representation was extremely important and that this show delivered a rare and vulnerable perspective of their culture. We look forward to more narratives that showcase more of the diverse Asian community!

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