What Really Happened At Ace Fest?

The Ace family is a popular family-friendly channel on Youtube with a following of 18.8 million subscribers. It is known for its videos and events that many love but also question. One event that many questioned and attended to see if it would be a fail, scam, or total success is their family carnival called, “The Ace Fest.”

It was announced that the popular YouTube family would be holding an Ace Family Festival on July 9th described as Coachella meets Disneyland. On their website, the festival is described as a one-day event for all ages with a variety of free rides, games, prizes, live performances, animals, and more. After the announcement was made they claimed tickets sold out within 48 hours.

The pricing of tickets depended on the passes. The Ace Fest Pass cost $299 and counted as 3 tickets giving access to the festival and a free autographed poster of The Ace Family. The Ace V.I.P Pass cost $499 and counted 5 tickets giving access to the festival, the free autographed poster, and a guarantee to meet The Ace Family with add-on bonuses. The bonuses included free access to watch Austin’s next fight, a chance of winning VIP passes to the fight, a chance to attend their wedding, and getting an exclusive wedding gift.

In their video titled “IT’S CANCELED…. **CAN’T BELIEVE IT” posted on July 8th, Austin explained more about the event stating they will have over 30 rides, plus food, and games, all of which are unlimited. He let his haters know that they can, “suck a fat donut” for thinking or expecting the festival to be a scam. He also took the time to address his use of another festival/carnival promotion video. He said that with all the permits, having to go through the city and fire departments, getting security, and more it’s best to just use a video from another person/event that has already gone through that to show what their final product will look like.

Once July 9th came around many people went to see if Ace Fest would be everything that was promised and more. Here are some people’s reactions and reports on the event.

The H3 podcast reported they didn’t see any animals, no live music except for DJs, not many guests, and no long lines outside of their meet and greet. They also explained it was easy for them to get in and security was very lenient with guests, which could have been a safety issue. On top of that, they paid $10 for parking unlike what was stated in their videos and website that it would be free.

Spill Sesh said that she also paid for parking and that the event wasn’t horrible it just wasn’t exactly what was promised. She felt the expectation was set so high that attendees were verbal about it not being what they expected. From her perspective, it was definitely not Disneyland meets Coachella and instead was simply a carnival meets meet and greet. It wasn’t sold out and you could have bought tickets at the front. She also said she easily and unknowingly walked into the event with no one looking at her ticket for admission. Overall she said the event was too empty to have been sold out with the only long line being to meet the Ace Family.

Def noodles said the same thing about the place being pretty dead for a sold-out event and confronted Austin to his face asking, “How do I learn to scam as good as you?” He then got kicked out.

Rich Lux and Madcaster also got kicked out from the jump. It was clear The Ace Family did not want drama channels there.

As for other people they made many TikToks and reviews saying the same things as these major Youtubers.

@_marinaaguilar_ Part 1 of Ace Fest with the kiddos 🥳✨✨🎟🎟🎟🎟 🎟 #acefamilyfestival #acefamily #acefamilyfest ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

@evelynjuarezofficial You litteraly cant make this up 🫢 #fyp #acefest #acefamily #acefestival ♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

@sorayde_714 Yall it was HOT af and the only free thing was the rides 😩 The only “fun” part was meeting them, but the line was also LONG #acefamilyfest #scammed #fyp #heatstroke #dehydrated ♬ original sound – ESOSA||CONTENT CREATOR

@berrylove101 #acefest The most fun time! Meeting the Ace Family was the biggest highlight! They were so sweet and my friends and i had a blast. #acefamily #acefam #fyp #foryou @theacefamily @catherinemcbroom @austinmcbroom ♬ Feel My Love – Glenn Travis

@swellentertainment coming at you live from #Acefest #acefamilyfest ♬ original sound – swellentertainment

@tanyamartinez.gomez ☹️ #iwannagoHome #AceFest #AceFamily #lol #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – ESOSA||CONTENT CREATOR

However, after the Ace Fest was over Cathrine and Austin reported it as a success to them and they were really proud of themselves. They were happy that many of their fans got to meet them and enjoy themselves and the festival despite what others had to say.

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