What is Summer House’s Julia Daoud Doing? | AfterBuzz TV’s Bravo in Quarantine

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Created by AfterBuzz TV, Host Jane Johnsen interviews ALL your favorite Bravo TV Stars during the Quarantine!

Julia Daoud joins us for AfterBuzz TV’s Bravo in Quarantine with Jane Johnsen. Julia Daoud also known as “Jules” is one of the newest members of “Summer House” and is already making her mark. Born in Cincinnati with Jordanian roots as a second generation American, Jules first language was Arabic but she quickly adapted to learn English. Jules was raised to be ambitious from an early age and she always knew success was in her future. Jules attended DePaul University with the goal of becoming a doctor, but when she realized her true passion was to start a fashion and lifestyle blog she took the leap of faith and started Simply Jules in 2013. After launching, Simply Jules quickly became a top blog in the Midwest. Two years later, she expanded her business as a freelance content creator and social media marketer for businesses, all while still graduating with a Bachelor of Science, and her career continued to take off working with several high-end and emerging brands. When Jules is not taking social media by storm with her newest idea, she enjoys traveling, yoga, self-care, and letting loose in the Hamptons with friends. One can only guess what endeavor she will take on next.
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