What Happens in Nashville Doesn’t Stay in Nashville – S3 E10 ‘Siesta Key’ Recap & Review

The AfterBuzz TV Siesta Key After Show Podcast breaks down every episode of Siesta Key! From your favorite couples to all the sexy goodness, stay up to date on everything you need to know!

Ep.11 The group goes to Nashville for Brandon’s recording event. Amanda turns on Chloe and Juliette by confiding in Alex and telling him he deserves better in front of Juliette. Alyssa isn’t invited to Nashville and alex goes solo. Garrett and Kelsey hook-up and Pauly stirs up the drama by telling Juliette Alex is solely coming to get back together with Juliette.

Ep 12 Alex and Juliette come to a mutual agreement after their little slip up as Alyssa is left in the dark. Alyssa goes to talk to Alex’s mom and expresses her concerns about how much she can trust him 100%. WHile in Nashville is gets heated as everyone tries to air out dirty laundry. Kelsey reminisces about Garret and how she took him for granted. Ish flies Madison to New York to talk and there is a huge secret that is revealed 

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Ally Nasta, DJ Beaulieu and Ebone Chatman 

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