What Happened to Penny Gillis?! – S1 E1 – E3 ‘Home Before Dark’ Recap & Review

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Some cold cases are better left cold. Others are re-opened and a TV series is made about them! This is the latter! Join us on the Home Before Dark AfterBuzz TV After Show where we’ll be discussing Apple TV’s series and diving into the grit and dirty of it. From plot discussions and scene breakdowns, to theories and more. Join us here each week! Subscribe and leave a comment and rating to let us know what you think!

We begin the series with the Lisko family moving across country, from Brooklyn to Erie Harbor, because Dad, Matthew Lisko played by Jim Sturgess, has been let go from his job as a journalist. Middle daughter, 9-year-old Hildie, played by Brooklynn Prince, is narrating, telling us that she too from a young age has always been a journalist and she fights for the truth.

In episode one we are introduced to “the players.” Aside from dad Matt and daughter Hildie, you also meet Hildie’s older sister Izzy, younger sister Ginny, and mother Bridget. The family is settling into their new life in this small town when something shocking happens. Penny Gillis from down the street is found dead. This event launches Hildie into a whole investigation. She writes an article saying that she believes Penny has been murdered, and this really sets the town on fire.
There is something off about this new town, Hildie knows it right from the moment they arrive and she is determined to get to the bottom of it. Through her research about Penny, she digs up some other things from her dad’s and the town’s past. We learn that Matthew grew up in Erie Harbor and hasn’t come back for years, or wanted to, because his friend Richie was abducted in front of him when he was young.
We are introduced to Kim Collins, the principal, and old friend of Matt’s and Richie’s, as well as Frank, who is an officer and seems to be like some-what of an ex friend of Matt’s.
Hildie feels like the town has clearly swept things under the rug, with both Richie’s abduction and Penny Gillis’s death. She, with help of a few new friends, end up cracking the case on Penny’s death and we are left with a million and one questions.
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