What Fans Have To Say About The ‘All American’ Season 5 Premiere!

Season 5 of All American was released on October 10th, and fans have a lot to debrief about with everything that happened in this episode!

We have a lot to unpack from the first episode of All American’s season 5 premiere. What are we waiting for? Let’s get into it!

We went through a great deal of emotions due to the relationships shown in this first episode. You can’t help but notice the tension STEAMING between Jordan and Layla! The two clearly have feelings for each other that aren’t going away anytime soon. The flirtatious conversations that have Layla trying to resist Jordan are going to make Layla cave any day now. Every time Jordan mentions the situation between the two, she geeks out. Fans are making edits on TikTok of the couple and people are commenting about how “Their chemistry is crazy. They’re so cute. Teasing and cheasing season at the same time.” They have us blushing for them throughout the whole episode! As JJ said, Christmas is “when hearts are open to possibilities.” Viewers even noticed the cinematic choices that were made including the lighting during the mistletoe scene; as Layla starts to open up to her feelings, the background goes from red to green– allowing herself to feel her emotions toward Jordan as she is about to kiss him.

Speaking of relationships, although Spencer and Olivia are now officially broken up, we can clearly see how much love they have for each other and how they just want what is best for one another. “This is not the end of our story,” Liv says to Spencer as they both stand there teary-eyed from their conversation.

Fans are not happy with this breakup and expect them to get back together fairly soon. Spencer and Olivia stans aren’t going anywhere and this couple is not going to slip away from us that easily. Coop gets it; she was pulling up ALL the receipts, including a picture of the couple hugging as she explains “this what love looks like. This what home looks like. This what meant to be look like” Coop obviously cares about both Spencer and Olivia, as she is also Spencer’s best friend and deeply cares about the way he was handling the situation before they were officially broken up. I mean, wouldn’t we all do the same if it were our best friend? We all get a little crazy sometimes, but hey…for the right reasons, right?

Poor Layla has to deal with Clay taking over her dad’s company. Clay obviously has an advantage with the company’s reputation vs Layla starting her own, and he is not being very nice about it. The way he talks to Layla about her “daddy issues” and how “nobody is thinking about her” was so out of pocket he is getting on the wrong side of everybody’s nerves.

Also, can we just talk about the Simone drama for a second?! Simone fully came back from college and didn’t have many positive things to say about Layla. She’s noticeably jealous, given that she sees the way Jordan looks at Layla, but fans aren’t forgetting some of Simone’s wrongdoings in the past.


Fans also noticed Asher’s character development, and are so proud of him for becoming a coach. We all hope to see him continue to succeed and this is going to be his season! Likewise, for Coop, she wants to pursue law and further her education to become a lawyer. She has also come so far throughout the series, and all we see are good things from here on out for her.

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