What ‘Fallout’ Fans Want to See in Upcoming Prime’s Series!

Starting way back in 1997, ‘Fallout’ has been giving gamers a post-apocalyptic frenzy only a refreshing Nuka-Cola could fix. From the Mojave desert to the streets of Boston to now the streaming service Prime Video it looks like ‘Fallout’ shows no signs of heading to the vault. 

Todd Howard Involvement

For those who aren’t familiar with Todd Howard allow me to introduce him. Todd Howard is the director and executive producer at game company Bethesda, which is responsible for popular game series like The Elder Scrolls and wouldn’t you know it, Fallout. Having worked on every installment of Fallout since Fallout 3, it only makes sense that fans rejoiced to see Todd Howard have a hand in producing the show.

As Much Walton Goggins as Possible

Starring in series like Sons of Anarchy and movies like The Hateful Eight it is an absolute treat for Fallout fans to realize that Walton Goggins is not just coming to the series, but coming to see the series as a Ghoul-like individual. As Walton Goggins said, “He’s not a ghoul from the game. He’s kind of a new entity. He’s been around for 200 years walking the Wasteland. He survived the nuclear war. He is a bounty hunter. He is as ruthless as they come. Pragmatic. He’s a rascal. He’s got a wicked sense of humor.”

Power Armor


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An icon of the series, Power Armor is a type of enhanced armor most commonly worn by the Brotherhood of Steel faction that is featured heavily across the series. Awesomely enough, it seems not only will the Brotherhood of Steel appear in the series with their power armor but their power armor will contain real physical components built by group Legacy Effects, rather than relying on just special effects and CGI to make the power armor for the show.

Diverse Protagonists

One of the great things about Fallout and Bethesda games, in general, is that there is never just one protagonist you are forced to play. As an open-world game, the game is purely based on your choices and actions allowing everyone to have a unique individualized experience. Much like the games that came before it, the Fallout show will feature a diverse cast of characters ranging from the vault dweller Lucy to the bounty hunter Cooper so everyone has a chance to enjoy the wasteland.

A Nolan to Direct

Yes, a Nolan has indeed directed the Fallout show. Younger brother/co-worker of Christopher Nolan and Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan stepped up to the plate and has brought that highly sought-after Nolan expertise to the radiated world of Fallout. With multiple games to pull ideas from and a Nolan at the helm, we only have one thing to say: Give us as many seasons as humanly possible!

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