What do you do when you’re the most valuable person in prison? – S1 E9 ‘For Life’ After Show

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The powerful new drama featuring a life stolen and how to answer that with a new path. Join us on the FOR LIFE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST where every week, we’ll be breaking down the plot development and social commentary. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

This week Aaron beings to work on the case of the recent inmate transfer with his lawyer Henry, determined to take DA hopeful Maskins down. Outside of the prison Marie has trouble dealing with what she should do about Darius, but Jasmine’s facebook page leads her back to working on Aaron’s case. The warden is on a hunt to get Foster and figure out how drugs are coming into the prison. Aaron gets another victory in court as his client is released from prison and the District Attorney’s office ends up burying information that may have helped his case.
This After Show Was Hosted By: Keith Andre, (@keith_andre) Emily Ma,e (@emilymaeheller) Dot McDonald, (@dotmcdonald) and Jeff Will (@jeffwilljr)

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