What do you do When You’re The Most Valuable Person in Prison? – S1 E8 ‘For Life’ Recap & Review

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The powerful new drama featuring a life stolen and how to answer that with a new path. Join us on the FOR LIFE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST where every week, we’ll be breaking down the plot development and social commentary. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Aaron’s lawyer, Henry presents a case from his pace that he wants Aaron to use in order  to go after the District Attorney. All the while, Dawkins continues to be a troubled inmate. He causes a fight in the shower and as a result Aaron plans to represent Dawkins as a way to finally get his phone back but Dawkins doesn’t make it easy for him. Aaron quickly learns of Dawkins reach when he goes to get Captain Foster to testify and has to ignore the fact that his client has already intimidated him. Marie continues to sort through her feelings for Aaron after receiving the divorce papers and Darius leaves her a goodbye note along with her mom’s engagement ring.
This After Show Was Hosted By: Keith Andre, (@keith_andre) Emily Mae (@emilymaeheller) Dot McDonald, (@dotmcdonald) and Jeff Will (@jeffwilljr)

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