What Can We Expect From The Second Half of ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way took a month and a half break back at the end of August, most likely to draw out the season to allow TLC to film more content before it ends. Now the show is back and we have our predictions on what will happen with each couple on the remainder of the season.

Jihoon & Deavan

This couple has had a bumpy road so far and we don’t envision it getting any smoother as the rest of the season plays out. From the initial trailer we know there will be some fights over Deavan’s modeling career and we will see as the coronavirus hits South Korea. I think the season will end with Deavan coming back home to America but we won’t see the official break-up happen.

Jenny & Summit

This couples tale has been heartbreaking this season. It’s clear no one in his family believes in his relationship and we don’t see them coming around. Unfortunately I don’t see this ending in any way but an ultimatum and I think Summit will have a hard time deciding between Jenny and his family. I think he will choose Jenny and his family will eventually come around (at least enough to not loose him). On the way to that though there will be a lot of tears, and fights yet to come.

Brittany & Yazan

I think this couple is doomed, there is zero way they make it to the end of the season. Brittany is married and is hiding it from Yazan, and she refuses to convert and become muslim. Yazan has already expressed that his future wife will be muslim and if she won’t that will not be her. If they don’t break up (or even if they do) Yazan’s relationship with his family will be ruined, possibly forever. I still stand firm that by the end of this season Brittany will be back in the US.

Kenneth & Armando

Armando and Kenneth are a fast favorite among 90 Day fans. Their story is adorable but like many others this season, incredibly sad. I think they will make it, but I’m not sure Armando will have a relationship with his family by the end of it. It doesn’t feel like they will get to a point where they can fully accept the relationship. It might end up that Kenneth and Armando will end up state side at some point in the future.

Tim & Melyza

Tim and Melyza have become the couple that is the most forgettable this season. I think that could change in this second half though. With Melyza’s entire family being aware of Tim’s cheating I don’t see them ever accepting her relationship completely. I think they will make nice but be distant and cold to Tim which he won’t be able to handle. That mixed with the knowledge of Melyza being with someone else after he cheated will cause some serious fights. However, I don’t think they will break up.

Ariela & Biniyam

These two are the ones that could go either way for me. If they stay in Ethiopia I don’t think they will make it and eventually Ariela will decide to move back to the States. They could go the way of Tiffany and David and she may come back with hopes of having him join her eventually. She may make the best of it but I really don’t see her being in Ethiopia forever. I also think they will need to be able to communicate better if they are going to begin to make it work.

What do you think of these predictions and the season so far? Let us know in the comments.

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