We’re Getting Another Season of Attack on Titan!?

Attack on Titan season four is getting a part two! The news followed the “finale” of part one, and just in time for fans to celebrate the birthday of the main character, Eren Yeager.

Shinzou wo Sasageyo! If you’ve been on Twitter, chances are you’ve seen “Eren Yeager” or “Attack on Titan” trending since Sunday. Attack on Titan, an extremely popular manga and anime, has been causing quite a stir online this winter. Today, AOT stans are celebrating the birthday of Eren Yeager, the protagonist.

Happy Birthday to greatest MC Eren Jaeger#エレン・イェーガー生誕祭2021 #happybirthdayEren #ErenJaeger pic.twitter.com/iHcrxlfKPY

— Kira✯⋆ (@Kira_mikasa) March 29, 2021

Eren Yeager first made his debut on TV in 2013, four years after the manga began. Attack on Titan gained a cult following that stuck with the show after multiple long hiatuses. After three successful seasons over seven years, the animation studio MAPPA began producing season four, otherwise known as the final season. Fans have been loving this season and have been expressing their love and appreciation for the show.

Really #هجوم_العمالقة #AttackOnTitan pic.twitter.com/xmabJAAMZE

— A (@Aee112l) March 28, 2021

The “finale” aired on Sunday, leaving fans with a lot of stress. We were hoping the finale would answer some major questions we had. But somehow, we were left with more. There were so many loose ends? And the manga is still being published? How can it end when there’s so much left? After a lot of distress, we got some great news! There will be the second part of season four airing this upcoming winter!

While fans are relieved about the news, there are things we NEED to know.

Is Levi Alive?

Last we saw, Levi was in a bad explosion that left Zeke on the verge of death. With the exception of Hange and Floch hearing the explosion, we don’t know what happened! We need to know if he’s okay!

Will the Scouts Escape?

The OG members of the 104th (and Sasha’s family and Niccolo) are currently locked in a cell. While they were able to learn about Zeke’s plan from Yelena, they were left in the cell. After Pieck’s arrival caught the attention of Yelena, we don’t know what happened to them.

What’s Going to Happen with the Warriors?

While Reiner and the Marelian military are on their way in blimps, Pieck, Gabi and Porco are in immediate danger. We also didn’t see a lot of Falco which has people nervous. And Gabi also seems like she’s beginning to feel conflicted, or she’s about to snap.

Who Will Win: Eren or Reiner?

And of course, the long-awaited showdown, Eren versus Reiner. Fans have been waiting for this match since season two. But as Eren becomes more ruthless and Reiner’s mental and physical health declines, there are a lot of questions about who will win.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting answers, but all we can do it wait!

Until then, we’ll just have to find something to fill the Attack on Titan void!

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