We’re Getting A ‘Clone High’ Reboot, a Velma Show, And More!

HBO Max has ordered a two-season reboot of the 2002 series Clone High, and a Scooby-Doo spin-off, Velma, starring Mindy Kaling!

It’s official! We’re getting Clone High, Velma, and more from HBO Max! Here’s what we know so far!

Clone High, a popular MTV show from 2002, is being rebooted! While we heard rumors about it in July, HBO Max has officially ordered two seasons. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set as executive producers and writers, while Bill Lawrence will executive produce with them, and Erica Rivinoja, who wrote on the original Clone High, has been named as showrunner.

The series takes place at a high school for clones of historical figures like JFK, Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc. The cartoon experienced a resurgence of popularity in the fall of 2020 when audio went viral on TikTok, leading to a lot of new viewers. However, because it’s a reboot, we can’t guarantee the clones will all be the same, but we’re excited to find out more as time goes on! Clone High stans have been quoting the show and sharing memes in celebration:

HBO Max has also ordered an original Scooby-Doo spin-off, Velma! Velma will explore the origin story of the treasured character, Velma Dinkley! She’s been played by Nicole Jaffe, Gina Rodriguez, and Linda Cardellini before, and the torch is being passed off to Mindy Kaling, who will also be executive producing! Charlie Grandy, Howard Klein, and Sam Register are also executive producers.

HBO has ordered 10 episodes for this first season, and we’re buzzing at the news! Fans like @durrellrandle, @aryxari, and @redundantart have been tweeting up a storm over the announcement of the show and getting to hear Kaling as Velma:

HBO Max has also ordered a new show from Nate Sherman and Nick Vokey, Fired on Mars. It’s an existential workplace comedy “set five minutes in the future,” and it’ll take place on a Martian campus of a modern tech company. SNL star and comedian Pete Davidson will voice a character, and executive produces alongside Carson Mell and Dave Sirus.

The Pete Davidson stans have been mostly quiet about the show, but a few people like @Michael_Fred_N have expressed their curiosity.

HBO Max has also renewed some of their older animated shows, like Close Enough, but we’re excited to see new animated content from the streaming platform! Keep an eye out for more cast information and release dates as we move further into 2021!

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