We Will Not All Sleep Season 1 Episode 6 ‘Messiah’ Review & Recap

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Is Jesus Risen? Find out with us on the AFTERBUZZ TV MESSIAH AFTERSHOW, where we’ll be analyzing and exploring the first season of Netflix’s new series, MESSIAH, following the world’s reaction to a man claiming to be the return of ‘Isa (Jesus). How would the modern world react to a potential miracle worker? Join us as we discuss and analyze the series, characters, and more!

Episode Recap

Al-Mesih gives Felix the control to take the masses of people where he feels called. Even though, Felix has no idea where he will be going, he tries to prove to himself and his family that he is capable of leading a large congregation. By accident, the choice becomes to migrate to DC. Upon arrival, all follow Al-Mesih to the capital building where he gives a short word and walks across the water, leaving many to believe he is the miraculous second coming. Jibril, still stranded at the border, starved and dehydrated, begins to flirt with death and see hallucinations of Al-Masih and his mother raising from the dead. In a haze, he strips naked and walks toward a guard who has his gun raised towards him. He presses his chest upon the gun, only to challenge the guard in his exhaustion. The guard lets Jibril pass, as others stand behind him, now looking to him as a new leader. A part of Al-Mesih’s past is revealed, including his name and his brother who lives in Tehran.

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