Wayne Brady Launches a New Reality Show

Wayne Brady from The Bold and the Beautiful is starting a new reality competition series that will help grow and challenge the competitors using their comedic skills.

The Young and The Restless Cait Fairbanks discuss her role as Tessa and her thoughts on the LGBTIA + community.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Wayne Brady is launching a new reality competition comedy series, called Wayne Brady’s Comedy IQ that will pit young comics against each other as they both grow and strive to win the grand prize. Brady will guide competitors as they learn how to flex their comedic muscles and become stronger by handling the show’s challenges.

Wayne Brady

The show held live auditions to find the contestants, but Brady says the program wasn’t looking for experienced stage performers but rather kids with potential who were hungry to both learn and grow.

“People may have a misconception about soaps,” said Brady. “They think, ‘That’s cheesy’ or ‘They can’t act.’ Being on a soap is the closest one can get to being a Broadway star on TV.”

“I loved that challenge,” Brady said of playing Reese. “I loved being a part of that big story. Of course, it was fantastical…that’s part of the beautiful…nature of the soap story. You’re watching it because you want escapism. Some people watch Harry Potter — some people watch BB.”

One of the best parts of being on BB was knowing that his grandmother who got him started watching both The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful was seeing him on-screen on one of her favorite shows.

“I can sum up the experience as a big check in the win column,” Brady says.

Days of Our Lives

A fan favorite that will be returning back to Salem is Shawn Douglas Brady played by Brandon Beemer.

Last summer, Beemer teased his return back on Days of Our Lives and used social media to let his fans know!

One fan asked Beemer when he will be back and he replied he would return in February for a few days but no further details.

General Hospital

Réal Andrews returned to General Hospital as Marcus Taggert on January 17. It’s been 17 years since Sonny Corinthos crossed paths with his nemesis.

Taggert was played by Réal Andrews from 1996 – 1997. Andrews returned in 1998 and played the disgruntled cop until 2003 when Scotty Baldwin (played by Kin Shriner) forced Taggert to relocate to Portland, Oregon.

Be sure to catch his interview on January 27th at 7pm, with James Lott Jr on his show Extra Connections at The After Party!

The Young and The Restless

Cait Fairbanks, who plays Tessa, oped up about playing half of a same sex fan favorite couple on daytimes number one drama.

“In person, everyone is nice. No one is mean in person. Also, I’m a [littler] taller so, I think people can get intimidated by that. So many people are nice and giving and patient. I only tend to read social media posts if I’m tagged in them, but if the remarks are cruel I don’t really need to say anything,” Fairbanks stated to TV Insider. “Most of the supporters who are passionate about ‘Teriah’ will spring into action. I’ve lived a lot of my life as a loner. It’s nice when people defend me because they want to.”

Fairbanks was also asked if she felt like a spokesperson for the LGBTIA + community.

She responded, “ No. I’ve always participated in things. I grew up in the theater and the gay community was always around me. I take part in things when I’m asked. I love what I do, but no, I don’t feel like a spokesperson. I am a big proponent of people being kind to one another.”

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