Voltron Legendary Defender Season 8 Special Review

 This week’s #ABTVVoltron covers Season 8 as a whole! Hosts Katie Cullen and Megan Salinas and showrunners Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos discuss Season 8, from Honerva’s character arc to Allura’s development as the hero of the story. They talk about the classic Voltron references that made their way into the show and even discuss potential alternate endings that never saw the light of day. It’s the penultimate episode of the Voltron after show – tune in!

The Voltron After Show:

Join the robotic lions in this intergalactic war against the Galra Empire by listening to the various recaps, reviews and in-depth analysis and discussion on each episode of the series. Not only will we break down the episodes though, we’ll also deliver all the latest news surrounding the show and have cast and crew join us. It’s the VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER AFTER SHOW!

Show Summary:
Voltron: Legendary Defender is an animated web television series produced by American companies DreamWorks Animation and World Events Productions and animated by South Korean Studio Mir. It is a reboot of both the Beast King GoLion anime series and the Voltron franchise, and its animation is a mix of anime-influenced traditional animation for characters and background and CGI for Voltron action sequences. Voltron: Legendary Defender is set in a science fiction universe where planetary energy called “quintessence” can be used to power vehicles and magic. The series follows the adventures of the Paladins of Voltron who must learn to work together to form the giant robot Voltron and use it to defeat the evil Galra Empire.

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