Very Cavalleri S:2 Bring Your Jay to Work Day E:3 Review

This week Brittney Semanick, Angel Saunders, Caroline Thayer, and Justine DiVanna discuss Uncommon James moving into a warehouse, Jay Cutler showing up to put his foot down on the employees, and one employee making their way back to the store. We break down all these juicy topics and so much more! Tune in!  

About The Show:

By now, you all must be familiar with former The Hills star, Kristin Cavallari. With an already impressive resumé she is now launching her own jewelry and home goods headquarters, Uncommon James. Join us on the VERY CAVALLARI AFTER SHOW as we follow this star and all her exciting endeavors. Have any guests you’d like to see on the after show? Leave your suggestions in the comments and we will do our best to bring them in!

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