Vanessa Villela Discusses Secrets To ‘Selling Sunset’s’ Success & Thoughts On Christine Quinn “It Would Be Awesome If She Comes Back With A Fresh Start”

Selling Sunset’s Vanessa Villela is opening up about the hit Netflix reality series, including how she’s using her platform to help others and where her friendship now stands with Christine Quinn.  Plus she gives a teaser on when she’ll say “I do” and shares what would be her dream acting role. 

Season 5 of Selling Sunset might be over, but fans of the hit Netflix reality series still can not stop talking about everything that happened.

Vanessa Villela, who was introduced during season four and has become a fan favorite due to her lovable and caring personality, joined Benny Adams for an exclusive interview on Let’s Binge About It. She talked about why the series is such a success, the impact it’s had on her life, and whether or not she keeps in touch with Christine Quinn.

For the past five seasons, the women of Selling Sunset have juggled working as real estate agents selling mansions worth millions while also dealing with drama in their personal lives. A formula that has proved to attract the masses, making it one of Netflix’s top shows. According to Villela, each woman plays a big part in why this series continues to be a success.

“The entire cast is incredible, and they all have different personalities, and that’s what makes this show amazing, we are so different… There are a lot of strong women on this show that viewers can identify with.”

Before Villela joined the cast of Selling Sunset she faced some dark times, and her story of why she became a real estate agent is heartbreaking yet inspiring.

During season four Villela revealed to viewers she turned to real estate in honor of her sister who passed away. Now she’s using her platform to help others who have found themselves in a dark place to find the light again.

“I want people to know that the pain of something that you experience, you can use it as fuel to make something better. In my case, it’s the loss of my sister. My love for her I used as fuel and as an engine to keep going.” Explained Villela. “Of course, I was depressed for months… I am a strong woman, but it was difficult to deal with it on my own, so I reached out for help to do some healing to strengthen my soul and release a little bit of the pain. I had the opportunity to get help from some incredible people, and one person who helped me told me your mission in your life is to help others. When this opportunity came to me, I said I am going to open my life and show others how I take my negatives and turn them into positives.”

Vanessa has continued to stay true to herself while on Selling Sunset allowing cameras to capture her during some tough moments. One moment, in particular, happened this season when she questioned if real estate was for her.

“I don’t feel that way anymore, I had a bad day where I felt like I was failing my sister because I’m doing this career in honor of her. I felt I was not achieving what I needed to achieve with the sale. Real Estate is not easy, and I’m happy that they showed that part of me because when I show that I can succeed, people will see that it may not be easy but she can do it.” Explained Villela.

During her time on the series, Vanessa has formed many friendships, most notably with Christine Quinn. The 33-year-old real estate agent had multiple falling outs with some of the women of the Oppenheim Group. The biggest was during an argument at an event during season 5 where she would later confide in Chelsea Lazkani that none of the girls reached out to her after the ordeal. Something that Villela says did not sit right with her.

“We haven’t spoken. I don’t have anything against her… It was a little weird for me to hear that she said I didn’t call her after the brokers, and I know that I did, I messaged her, and I called her the day after. I don’t agree with some of the things that she has done and I cannot defend her. If I’m your friend I have to be honest.” Explained Villela. “I’m open to seeing her. She has an incredibly funny and loving side. She’s amazing, but we haven’t been able to connect. Last time we messaged each other was over a month ago. I hope it gets to a time when we can sit down and have a chat. If she appreciates my friendship then I’m open to having a friendship with her.”

A big shocker happened this season when Emma Herman alleged that Quinn tried to bribe her client with $5,000 to never work with her again. The 33-year-old later revealed she terminated her contract and now has her own company. While Jason Oppenheim said there was no room in the brokerage for that type of behavior, he seemed to have left the door open for Christine to return, something that Villela is optimistic about, but isn’t sure if she will be back.

“I don’t know exactly how it can happen since she has her own business going on with real estate, but it would be awesome if she comes back with a fresh start. It would be great to see her on-screen if season 6 gets picked up, and I would love to continue spending time with her, but only if she’s okay with the type of friend that I am. I will always tell you the truth and will be there for you but in a way that will uplift you and support you.”

Many fans are also wondering if Villela will be back for another season after she was last shown leaving Los Angeles to be with her now fiancé Nick Hardy. Understandably Viella made sure not to give anything away saying, “If season 6 happens people will have to tune in to see what happens to Vanessa.”

Villela did however give a little teaser on when both she and Hardy will say I do.

“We do have a date for the wedding, it will be later this year.”

Although Villela has put a pause on her acting career to focus on real estate, she will be back and hopefully portraying her dream role.

“I would love to be in a Marvel movie or play a comedic role, but I think that as an actor, you should be open to new opportunities, so I’m not saying I have to be in this film or tv show. However, my dream role is to play a superhero in a Marvel movie or series.”

Outside of real estate, Villela is still a busy woman, not only does she have her bikini line that she collaborated with Lascivious, but she will soon be coming out with a jewelry line that she says will be a symbol of love, hope, faith, and sisterhood.

Watch the full interview with Vanessa Villela below, and catch seasons 1 through 5 of Selling Sunset On Netflix.

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