Vagrant Queen S1 E8 Recap & After Show: CLUE

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Space, royalty, outlaws, and a rescue mission! It’s the VAGRANT QUEEN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where every week our hosts will be breaking down the episode of this SYFY series. Join us as we get ready to blast off to space every week, plus bringing you a special segment and news and gossip!

Episode 8 of Syfy’s Vagrant Queen is a love letter to all those CLUE fans out there. Starting off the episode we are thrust back into the story line we’ve grown familiar with thus far but this time, there is a twist.  From the acting style, to the music, to even the sound effects, we could tell this episode was a bit different from the rest, in the best way. Just as the crew starts to relax over a few brews, Amae, Isaac and Elida are then interrupted by the Intergalactic Parking Authority (IPA). The IPA have come to collect money owed or to collect the ship itself.  Overlapping with the infamous story of CLUE, this episode is full of references, lines and even props from the movie CLUE, but of course with a Vagrant Queen twist. Once the comedic dust settles the trio is given some devastating news about the intentions of a former allied general that could have devastating consequences for our rag tag crew moving forward.
Hosts: Kari Lane, and James Maple

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