Vagrant Queen Don’t Pump Their Own Gas! – S1 E3 ‘Vagrant Queen’ After Show w/ Jem Garrard

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Space, royalty, outlaws, and a rescue mission! It’s the VAGRANT QUEEN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where every week our hosts will be breaking down the episode of this SYFY series. Join us as we get ready to blast off to space every week, plus bringing you a special segment and news and gossip!

In the third episode of SyFy’s Vagrant Queen entitled “Nobody’s Queen” we are given far more insight into the motives of our lead crew on the Winnipeg.  We also see Isaac and Amae have an adventure of their own in which they encounter the less-than-welcoming natives of planet Kestallan.  Far more information is given to us regarding the motives of loyalists Hath, Dengar and Ihred as well. In this episode we also see the capabilities of the newest member of our team, Winnibot, Amae’s robot.  Albeit at a glacial pace, Winnibot saves the day for the entire crew with a high pitch sound that sends those not-so-welcoming natives packing. Lastly, the entire crew, loyalists and all, make their way to planet Wix — but, all for different reasons.
Today’s show was hosted by Kari Lane (karidlane) and James Maple (@terrelljamesmaple) sit down with show runner Jem Garrard (@jemgarrard)
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