Upload S1 E7 E8 Recap & After Show: Soul Vs Conscious

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Amazon Prime’s newest web series presents a world where your consciousness is uploaded to a different type of cloud after death. Join us on the UPLOAD AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow these poor unfortunate souls make the most out of their after life. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.

Episode Recap

Nora Brings her dad to work to show him what life would be life if he uploads to this after life. She has her crush Nathan give him a tour of the place while she did a little investigating on her mangers computer about Nathan’s deletes memories. Nora starts to discover more about Nathans death but gets suspended when her manager finds out that Nathan knows her name. Ingrid admits to cheating on Nathan with his business partner which is making her contemplate on freezing Nathan so she can  lie her life in her 20’s. He starts to view other Afterlives with his mother to get control back of his life, but Nora finds out and intervenes to bring him back home.

Host: Kittie Kaboom(@kittiemeeyowww), Nate Harris (@royalnate_), Kevin Allen (@KevinAllengram)

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